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The Unsung Song Apr 2019
As the sun slowly fell,
I looked upon the world.
I saw destruction,
and I saw chaos.

As anarchy rose,
I looked upon myself.
I saw self-doubt,
and I saw weakness.

As the dying light of day decayed,
I looked deeper into that chaos and anarchy.
I saw strength,
and I saw power.

This power come from within,
but not within individuals.
Instead it came from within,
the world.

The same world that stood by and,
watched the aches,
and watched the pains of others.
The same world that helped the aches,
and helped the pains of everyone.

We stand strong in the midst of chaos.
We stand strong in a losing battle.
We stand strong in the wake of a riptide.
We stand strong in the dying,
of the light.

Together we stand,
together we fall.

— The End —