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Jazlyn Jordan Dec 2018
My imagination more like
What in tarnation
My imagination isn't the creation
That I've been giving a donation to
It’s a filtration of frustration
A mason looking for a
Location, a migration of geese that
Flock to the next station
Where’s the collaboration, where’s the demonstration
Of creativity that i want you all to see that is within me
Where’s the conformation, with the imitation of
Intimate *******
The imagination full of lubrication
A medication that comes with a vaccination
Full of ******* then point mutation
As it grows on and on into more of a phenomenon
Its a presentation of who I am but never fully appreciated
Due to the fact that I’m sort of outdated or
Too much for the industry who try and come for me

So my imagination is my pleasure and my curse
Where it stays inside
And lies
In my head
Sometimes i let it out
And let them spread as
Words and writings
Expressions and ideas
Feelings that I can’t imagine being
But they all head for the ceiling and out of the window
To where everything grows
And is prosperous and thriving
Living and free
Everything that I Can Not Be
My imagination… is the death of me

It’s my rise and fall
Its the thing that helps me sleep at night
Or it keeps me awake with the thoughts that I wish to never have happen
It’s the thing that keeps me from taking myself away
Away from the things that I wish to never have to go through again
Over and Over
Hurting me, stabbing me, killing me softly… slowly
My imagination is the things that i wish to happen
The pleasure I long for
It’s the caress of hands the warmth of something more
It’s the love i look for
It’s the high that I ride
Filling my veins
Turning to ecstasy
It’s the good things in life
My imagination is MY pleasure and MY curse
It’s mine and and I will never let it die
This is my first poem on here so I'm not really sure how this is going to go so, please give me good feedback and positive comments.

— The End —