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Ikurah Oct 2021
Where will i end up
As what will i end up
I’m transforming , and one
Is evidence , just me
Even during long tired days
I keep transforming
Rolling down the mountain
Like a stone rock
Little unknown where will i end up
In the deep dark forest?
In the bright monsoon valley?
In the blue green river?
In a human village?
Another *****?
It is hurting , it is tiring,
I don’t really want this.
I kept transforming and no
Soul is evidence , just me.
Ikurah Oct 2021
A man dancing in a country with
No theatre ; another man looking
At his moves , limbs throwing up and down
In the air , the way his fingers cut through
The wind , his hair dancing in it’s own country;
Thought he : Awfully beautiful.
Never said which part is what.
Ikurah Aug 2021
Memory is the most miserable and happiest  thing that a man could enjoy being a man.
Ikurah Aug 2021
Man can treat everyone equal ,  
he was just busy
dancing with his own ego.
Ikurah Aug 2021
Money can buy
          - the boy who dropped out of school
Ikurah May 2021
You can’t stop the words
Killing a writer
Ikurah Oct 2020
As he played our loved piece in my fingers
Placing his fingers over mine
I felt the thunder before lightning
The first drop touched between my brows
made me to fall for him like the rain
Million times a second
Do you like the sound of the rain?
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