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This is a simple poem
Nothing fancy
But I'll be true to what I am feeling
When I am around you
I cant Stop Smiling
I want you to know that I love you
more than anything
Another haiku.
This one might be about love.
If my mind lets me.
Jessi Apr 6
tell me, love
does the world end for you
as it does for me

does it's genesis
startle you awake
the next morning
as you feel for the empty space next to you
things were too good to be true

but nothing surprises me much anymore
and the cups of meloncholy lovers have
overflowed before
into puddles of what shouldn't be

don't make it hurt
my love
be gentle with me
my shield is not yet fully formed
you see
lila Mar 30
i kept my promise
and loved you more
than there were
stars in the sky

you said you loved me
all the way to the moon
but that love never
came back down
to earth
Penny Rhode Mar 26
His touch sent chills through my spine
Like I was posessed by the devine
Not a child like the rest
Oh to a man my body  confess

Strong hands but not a wicked grip
No longer a juvenile attached to my lip
No this be not some 16 year old affair
Oh to a man my body I swear

He'll reach me why I know not of sin
and i'll let him with a grin
No he's not a child like the rest
Oh to a man my body I've confessed
allison Mar 6
what happened to when we were kids?
innocent and free
happy as can be

we didn't have to deal with
the sadness
the pain
the emotional strain

sometimes i wish i could go back to when i was a kid
just so i can be happy again
and not worry about when
my happiness stages will end.
Ana Laag Mar 4
I have been,
from both sides.
From being
the good one
the bad one.
But I guess,
giving your best,
is not
always enough.
is not always enough.
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