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Emily 3d
the colour of your cheeks,
after you told me you loved me.

skin adorned with rose colour markings,
kissing every corner of your face
and blessing you with the beauty of love.

i never thought i could be jealous of a colour.
until i itched to fill your body with pigment,
like tattoo ink seeping into your skin.

the colour of your heart,
after i told you i didn’t love you.

the sky opened up that day,
creating puddles around my feet,
deep enough to drown my sorrows.

was the only colour i could offer you.

burning red.
was the colour you deserved.
Emily Oct 13
my thoughts come alive at dusk.
they come alive when the sky is lit by a soft pink glow,
reflecting the last seconds of the day against rosy cheeks and sun kissed skin.
they come alive when the birds fall silent,
their song drowned out by streetlights and fast cars.
my thoughts come alive while the rest of the world goes to sleep.
Emily Oct 12
there are so many things i want to say to you.

here i stand,
before you in silence.
watching your hair blow softly in the wind,
and your eyelashes kiss your freckled cheeks.

i had so many things i wanted to say.

i am frozen.
like a boat in the middle of winter,
drowning in your stormy blue eyes.

i can’t remember,
a word of which i wanted to say to you.

so i just say
and walk away
with a head full of thoughts
and a mouth full of words
Emily Jun 7
just like a flower,

i sit and wait,

for the butterflies to return home.

i wait,
and i wait,
and i wait.

and as i wait,
i wonder.
are you on your way?

i know,

things are not the same anymore.


  not the same


i sit.

and i wait,

and i wait.

for the butterflies to return home.
Emily Jun 7
i want you to notice me,
the way i notice the sunset.
how golden rays reflect along the shore,
promising to bring the light of a new day.

i want you to notice me,
the way he notices her.
how long eyelashes kiss her rosy cheeks,
as they whisper words of love into the night.

i want you to notice me,
the way i notice you.
all at once,
yet little by little.

uncovering you,

so one day,

you’ll uncover me too.
Emily Jun 5
“till death do us part.”
little did i know,
i died the day i said
“i do.”
Emily Jun 4
i followed you blindly
down this path they call love,
leaving myself behind
without a bread crumb in sight.

i left her standing there,
next to the wilting rose bush,
powered by the endless possibilities
of life before you.

the house in which you built for me
looked soft and inviting,
adorned with heart shaped pillows
made from hand plucked feathers.

the home in which you built for me
looked soft and inviting.

soft and inviting,
until i realised.

that the feathers in which i laid upon,
were my own.

and now
i am without

wings to fly.
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