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Emily Oct 4
I dream in technicolour,
Standing between the green green grass
I look up at a rose painted sky.

This world shines bright,
Glistens like a blue sea
Reflected by the warm sun.

I’m surrounded by myself,
And I look happy
Happy to be home.

I dream in Technicolour,
So I close my eyes.

Feel the warmth kissing my cheeks,
Lulling me into its soft embrace.

I dream in Technicolor,
And I’ll never go back to black and white.
Emily Aug 3
i want to lace the air
with pretty words,
that sparkle softly
like the stars.
pretty words,
that make my lips tingle,
and make your heart flutter
like the butterflies we saw on your birthday.
Emily Aug 3
the house we built
from roses grown in our garden
began to wilt last tuesday
and i’m not sure why
broken petals began to gather at my feet
but i’m afraid that soon
the thorns will begin to cut deeper
and red will become my least favourite colour
when it used to be my favourite
Emily Aug 2
Oh, my love
Can’t you see?
You deserve the universe.
The stars and the moon
Handed to you on a golden platter
Surrounded by red roses
And everything sweet in this world.
Yet I’m floating around this empty sky alone
All because we’re lead to believe  
To accept the love
We think we deserve.
So I’ll wait patiently
With a hand full of stars
Until you deem yourself worthy enough
To accept my galaxy

I hope you realise soon.
Emily Jun 20
and just because
your problem seems a little less significant
than another
doesn’t mean
you aren’t worth to be given
a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day
Emily Feb 4
golden dust
underneath my fingernails
fragments of stars
engraved on your skin
moonlight is a curse
buried within a promise
in which a new tomorrow
rises with the tide
Emily Feb 3
i bleed in words
lying restlessly
with ink stained skin
messy thoughts
and messy feelings
painting my body
i’m drowning in an ocean
of my own self destruction

i bleed in words
yet i have nothing to say
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