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Emily Feb 4
golden dust
underneath my fingernails
fragments of stars
engraved on your skin
moonlight is a curse
buried within a promise
in which a new tomorrow
rises with the tide
Emily Feb 3
i bleed in words
lying restlessly
with ink stained skin
messy thoughts
and messy feelings
painting my body
i’m drowning in an ocean
of my own self destruction

i bleed in words
yet i have nothing to say
Emily Feb 1
May the stars forever shine and the moon forever glow.
May your mind be forever beautiful and your heart forever kind.
May the tips of your fingers forever tingle with the feeling of love and light.
May you forever live happy, loved and carefree.
Emily Jan 29
if i could get
my feelings about you
written down on paper
i’m sure i’d be
a famous poet
but no matter how hard i try
or how long i think
no words come to mind
just a tight feeling in my chest
and a warm fire inside my heart
Emily Jan 29
i lost myself in you
lost myself
in your diamond mind
and your ocean eyes
i completely
lost myself
in you
i’m not
for a way out
Emily Jan 29
I thought love
was only a story
made for fairytales.
where royals met,
minds laced in gold
and hearts full of diamonds.
I thought love
was only a story
told in fairytales.
now i’m beginning to wonder
does that make you my prince?
Emily Jan 17
“it’s almost a crime to visit the beach and not touch the sea.”
that’s what you had told me that night.
that night where the stars shined almost as bright as you.
i remember every little detail,
capturing every moment like it was the last thing i’d ever do.
those photographic memories will always be kept in the back of my mind,
tucked away in a box,
only to be opened on nights like tonight.
nights where i think about you,
everything we were
and everything we could have been.
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