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Dawn King Apr 2021
This chapter is over
I put the book down
I walk into the sun
My feet on the ground

This chapter is over
Let it not make a sound
lillie Nov 2020
is something
we know
that must be
done fairly
and given
an unbiased

he inscribed onto
the scrolls,
every action
that affects
the history that
we make,
for lessons
to be learnt.

the truth will always
have its way
of unfolding among
the people
Dedicated to one of my gods, Thoth, Egyptian god of writing. ♡
Anthony Pierre Jul 2020
What's twisting is paradigm
On the mind's circumference
Spins like the great red spot

Then in it: an illumination
Like the three fallen candles
which the winds of heaven blew

Casting it beneath the feet of men
the candles of his illumination
Thoth Hermes Trismegistus
Smoke and fire in my mirrors
Orakhal Jun 2020

thickens its essence
into the soup of physical matter
Orakhal Jun 2020
Fly sparrow fly
on edge of wing be quest
stir appetite on peckered sight
fly sparrow fly

Rip sparrow rip
a send on to a writ
a lope in turn be widows yern
rip sparrow rip
Orakhal Jun 2020
On clouds bright in plume
sit sentients in suns perfume
voices sing laments in claim
on souls beneath in venting rain

heart wakes silence to its skin
its press of fire in to akin
resonance hails wishes wild
in plenty to  alls willing smile
its grin be empty of repose
sharp its essence on its toes

set flight to colors green on red
high in its hum its living head
release to grip its praise upholds
announce upon its in disposed
KathleenAMaloney Dec 2015
with the teaching of the Head...

First Scribe,
seated at the edge of Evenings Dark Listening..
Fear Sign to the unInitiated

Next, a Horse.
Clear attribute of Equus
A Flash of things Past and Present,
Love seen in instant replay.

And Finally, the Trophy.
Sweet reminder of the Temple of Artemis
Now Gone..Sacrificed by the many...

White Shadows Arrival,
as the Head of A Goat...
Reminder of Gods Life.

Hidden Message:
Growth Sacrifice.
Now Built: Fearless Head of the Ram

Drawn, for the Fish within the river
And  X,
Burnt Offering,
for the people within the Cross

Growth Offering,
Destroyer of  Flesh
and Origin of All Life

Now Is Your Witnessing Victorious.
For the Body has been taken
But not the Head

Who so ever leaves such Knowledge lying around
Is a Fool to another Man's Victory.
and a tear, in the Heart of God.
who does not aid you
to be the Character you are
only helps to water you down-
to sell you out to their world.

Moreover, anyone
who discourages you
from being your Character
isn't worthy of your attention;
they are an enemy of your creative potential,
that is to say that they are destructive
to the you that would be;
the you that could be-
perhaps should be.

Be a Freak.
Break social rules.
Defy expectations.
Play the Fool
and own it, too,
lest the Fool own you.

What has the Fool taught you?
Have you been willing to learn?
Have you the capacity to teach?

Wouldst thou follow
Hermes, or Loki? Mercury? Thoth?
Or would they follow you?

*We need more Characters.
Fear not Card #0.


— The End —