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Dawn King Apr 22
This chapter is over
I put the book down
I walk into the sun
My feet on the ground

This chapter is over
Let it not make a sound
Dawn King Aug 2018
Come walk with me
Let the river wind
The Shamans twine
Interlock & unravel
Infinite travel
These are the
Ancient ways
Step into the haze
Bridge keeper
Go deeper
Do not fear what
The other worlds hold
Need I be so bold
In each life
There is a price to pay
You must give over
To the Shaman way
Entranced, enchanted?
You wish to drink
From this flask?
Drop your ego
Wear the mask?
If this is
Where you belong
You have to want it
You must ask
Giving over to Shamanism
Dawn King Jun 2018
The raven came to show me the way

We flew above the simplistic rotating animation
of the charcoal pencil drawn globe,
while a stitched together familiar
held space by trotting the surface

Santa Muerte arrives shortly after viewing
a dark brown leather bound book with 4
black half circles on the cover
that are decorated by intricate chain

A page in the book reveals a gleaming seal

I face Santa Muerte and speak
“I called you to put death to my fear. I know
that’s what you love to hear.”
Dawn King Oct 2017
The darkness sets in
As it always does
No more to do
But remember what was

Perhaps I'll weep
Maybe dive deep
Into my soul
Ask gaia
Remember my feet
Where they stood
When I called her in
That time then

Perhaps I'll wait
Maybe escape
Into dimensions
Of altered states
Remember my roots
Where they grew
On sacred soils
That time then

Perhaps I'll die
Maybe this night
Surf the veil
Benevolent scales
Remember my breath
Where it formed
Golden intensions
That time then
Dawn King Oct 2017
I am there
In the place
Sacred space
The guides come in
We begin to sway
Weave brethe
Tendril intertwine

She arrives
Feminine divine
I have seen her there
In painted dreams
Summoned by soul
Many moons gone by

Obsessive reflection
Deep direction
She takes me there
To the dimension


It all happened

exquisite ways

violet rays
Dawn King Jul 2017
Time to go
Slowly now... woe
Easy goes into
Walk with me
Tread carefully on the road
Take note of
Cautious abandon


It to be confirmed
Time to go
Slowly now... woe
Step with me
Close your eyes child
Be watchful now
Of the way of all things


  Jul 2017 Dawn King
South by Southwest
The fairies of the mound
hide under ground
when the light of the day reveals

But as the sun
makes it's final run
the fairies
come out to play

Then there are
those picked by stars
to be the forebearers
of burden and woe

They fly the skies
as night time byes
warning of death to come

Beware my friend
someone comes to an end
when the banshees
starts to wail

It's heard through wood or stone
in every home
no one escapes
the throes

And in the end
the wailing sends
another poor soul
to Hell

Banshees are a special breed
they come from the seed
of a star

In the mounds of folk
does their life evoke
a love afair of magic
from a man made out of a star

Sometimes the banshees will wail
when they think of the love
that parted so many years ago
so many light years away
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