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When did freedom start
Feeling so confined
How does pure desire
Find its way to shackles
  Wade so deep
Codependent indecision
     Just settle in
      With how you've been
        Don't worry child
         Life's never mild
           Don't make it bigger
            Than it needs to be
             To have a reason
              To run and flee
               It's OK child
                It stings
                 When you feel
                  Hungry on Tuesday
                   & by week's end
                    Diving off the deep end
                      Do not be alarmed
                           It's just your
                            Beating heart
                            Earning every drop
                            Of love you've
                            Fought for
                            Dropped for
                            Stopped for
Dawn King Oct 2022
Why don't you look right
In front of you..
Is it so hard?

  Quite the little shard
   Of annoying glass
    That wedged itself
     Into the most
      Ridiculous uncomfortable spot
       Right beneath
        The chemical burn
        On your minds eye
        That happened
        From the
        Battery acid leak
        On the night
        You touched it
        To your tongue
        One too many times
        And you felt
        Up your spine
        There is no going back
        To a conscious
        Decision landlocked
Within the

        Inner space
        And time
        Before ---you threw
        The dime
        Onto the ground
        With no rebound
        No rebound
Dawn King Apr 2022
Accept, claim, & take

When you're ready
When you know

Need I be so bold?


Will rush every
Crevas of your body
Like luscious
Bathable liquid gold
Dawn King Apr 2022
you're in my head
i can feel you coming on

you're in the blood
that rushes to my lips

i know when you're near
i smell you in thin air

and did you know

the connection is
Inherently like trance


you say something profound
and it falls through the air like
a poetic dance

mental happenstance

i'm captivated

you are
what the sound of a
beautiful prophetic whisper
would look like in my dreams

it's enough wonder
to ignite sparks

that would
uncover hidden
sequentially driven

unparalleled stories
of infinite wisdom
universe has written

Dawn King Dec 2021

One more time
I'll do just fine


Three things
The power it brings


6 times
I'm grateful it's mine


Nine seconds
Grandeur beckons
Dawn King Apr 2021
This chapter is over
I put the book down
I walk into the sun
My feet on the ground

This chapter is over
Let it not make a sound
Dawn King Aug 2018
Come walk with me
Let the river wind
The Shamans twine
Interlock & unravel
Infinite travel
These are the
Ancient ways
Step into the haze
Bridge keeper
Go deeper
Do not fear what
The other worlds hold
Need I be so bold
In each life
There is a price to pay
You must give over
To the Shaman way
Entranced, enchanted?
You wish to drink
From this flask?
Drop your ego
Wear the mask?
If this is
Where you belong
You have to want it
You must ask
Giving over to Shamanism
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