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Aug 2019
******* for everything you did
******* for leaving me to die
******* for turning me against
My own best friend
******* for leaving me
With all these scars
And mental problems
Because I can't technically blame you
For anything
******* for telling stories
For saying that you
Liked me back
******* for answering
******* for saying that you cared
You never ******* cared
All you did was lie
And for once I am not to blame for that
All I was
Was ignorant
I didn't know
You were going to manipulate me
And her
You ****** us over
So *******
For all the days I spent
Crying in the counselor's office
Too scared to show my face
******* for being the class clown
******* for being so nonchalant
******* for daring to say that you would miss me
When you saw my arms
And all the pills
I sent you pictures
You *******
And you texted everyone
Oh yes
What great gossip
She's going to **** herself
Wasn't that just the biggest news
And yet you couldn't care less
Because it was
My choice in the end
So ****
And **** me too
I guess
Because at the end of the day
This will never stop
Being my fault
I've cried so many times over that *******. I really want to believe that this isn't on me but let's be honest; I'm just ******* like him and I brought this upon myself. I was the one who called him. I could've stopped. But I didn't.
Written by
kain  Non-binary/Haven, ME
(Non-binary/Haven, ME)   
   Monika Layke and ---
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