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ryn Jan 23
Are we worthy
of passing eyes

Do we catch
the stealing glances

Will we save
our world from demise

Can we not
be afraid of taking chances
Arke Nov 2018
you ever meet someone and think... yeah.
they're worth breaking my heart over.
Ndolo Jun 2018
When I have nothing to lose,
Then yes, I'm a risk taker
I'm no adrenaline ******
But the high leaves me smiling
For who would take me on?

I'll ask out the guy who's on tour
knowing he has the easy way out
I'll project myself as confident
and needing no one
I'll smile and say I'm okay knowing
you'll just move on

I'll say I did it and no one took me on

For who will take a chance on me

...and see that I'm risking myself

I have everything to lose...
I'm no risk-taker at all
Snizzlefish Jan 2018
I've come so far.

3 years ago I had everything.
I was becoming everything.
Right with him by my side.

2 years ago I thought I did.
But I acquired pain & loneliness.
With him by my side, becoming my undoing.

1 year ago I started over with nothing.
I'm ambidextrous.
I've re-invented myself--it took time.

My healed heart chose not to sacrifice my self-worth for just anyone.

After healing came acceptance.
Acceptance that I stutter, constantly at a loss over words & phrases that used to come so easy.

Those three little words used to leave my mouth faster than uncontrolled laughter.

I once thought myself ambidextrous.
But it turns out I am not.
My emotions are like frayed nerves, afferent only, no expression.

Regret is soon to follow--whether from facing rejection or holding it in I don't know.

You scare me.
And the fact that you might not be "just anyone."
And the fact that I might be "just anyone" to you?
Scares me.

Turns out I've found quite the worthy opponent in dancing around the subject...
Lady Feb 2017
Hearts don’t break unless you let them; They often break because of love
Love is a sweet and sour tonic; a potion of notions you’ve never dreamed of.
Hearts are strong yet also fragile, by way of fortune or bad luck
So if you never give your heart away, you’ll never have to pick the pieces up

Hearts come in all shapes and sizes; some are false and some are true
And you can never be so certain if the same heart you know is the same heart you knew
Some hearts are kind and always giving; some hearts are shy and beat at their own pace
Some hearts are forever always living to put a smile on another’s face

Some hearts are trying their best to make it; some hearts are liars and some are dead
Some are forlorn and look quite hungry; the soul inside remains unfed.
Yes, often hearts can be quite messy, but if you’ve never picked the pieces up
Then you’ve likely never given your heart away; you’ve likely never let it love.
Even the greatest of loves will break your ******* heart.
But nothing Makes a heart like love either.
Nothing even comes close.
Ignatius Hosiana Sep 2015
There's courage in me I just can't recall
A pride that is floating me in the sky so high
So I'm chopping my wings cause I'm trying to fall
I know a hard ground will but make me cry
I might lose my feet and it might do to crawl
Yet it does me no service if I don't try
I lose nothing, and I gain nothing at all
It might help, it might help to fall
Tyler Adams Nov 2014
If I grabbed your face and kissed you right on the lips,
would you kiss me back?
Because ****
this scenario playing over and over in my head just won’t do anymore:

I weave my hands through the back of your hair,
caressing each strand as if I’ve done it before.
And when our eyes meet,
nothing else matters.

But now my hands feel so cold.
Now everything matters.

Thinking that you’ll kiss me back is the morphine
my heart needs,
to prevent me from kissing you.

But tomorrow I am above the influence,
I could take the chance and kiss you.

I will take the chance and kiss you.

— The End —