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I scrub and scrub,
until my skin stings,

wondering why,
I don't look "clean,"

darker skin, darker hair,
they've led me to believe
there must be something ***** here
Joe Morrison Sep 2019
I, too, sing equality

I am the inferior ***
They say I can’t do it
When it comes to work
But I laugh.
And try harder
And grow strong.

I’ll be at the table
With the men
Nobody’ll dare
Say to me.
“That’s a man’s job”

They’ll see how powerful I am
And be ashamed

I, too, am equal
s Willow Jan 2019
I was born with a shining golden ring.
The ring looms above cracked and chipped.
Once lit my path,
now breaks my neck with the pressure it brings.

I’ve sprouted demonic wings
Jet black feathered wings.
I’ll fly silent.
Terrorizing the earth
with the people of the night.

I’m not yet ****** to an eternity of
Suffrage and Hellfire.
I’m not “blessed” to spend time in peace either.

I’m stuck mangled into the pain of earth.
Zay Mar 2015
We say that times have changed
Yet the issues in the news
Remain the same
Three Muslims shot
Over a "parking dispute"
Yet the media news
Can't get to the root
Of the hateful crime
Committed by a brute
Too busy reviewing
Fifty Shades of Grey
While unjust crimes
Are carried out everyday

And why do we let ISIS
Receive so much fame?
And why is it that every
Muslim is to blame?
Associating a belief
With violence and terror
But it is among us
Where you'll find the true error

Using religious excuses
To **** off God's creations
Manufactured missiles
Sweeping entire nations
Thousands dead
With nothing left to gain
And those who survive
Are left with terminal pain

Seeing tears in the eyes of a mother
Her son buried deep
By the prejudice of another

How far will we go
Until we see the wrongdoings?
Cuz once a life is gone...
There is no undoing

Segregating humans
By religion, ***, and race
My beliefs may be different
But I am no disgrace

We classify ourselves
With things like melanin
As if our destiny
Is determined by our skin

Ignorance causing our vision to be impaired
Can't accept the unusual
Cuz we're too scared
Too scared of the truth
So we hide behind lies
Too scared of being left out
So we wear a disguise
Morphing ourselves
Into what is accepted
Turning into clones
Fear of being rejected

But it's time to wake up
Time to accept
The difference in our land
Time to end
The suffrage that is at hand
Time to unite ourselves as one
Time to put down the weapons
And put away your gun
So join me now
To spread the love
And to silence the hate
Our world may not be perfect
But it's never too late.
Decided to incorporate a few more lines to this poem.

"Mankind must put an end to war, before war puts an end to mankind."
Poulton Library and
Adele & I are here to
share with whoever
arrives some thoughts
concerning War and
Literature.  Linda sets
us up with chairs and
table, and first here is
delightful surprise: Pat
who I taught thirty years
ago - there will be no
need for me to dig a
trench and put on a
jacket bullet-proof
with tin hat on my
head - Philip Larkin
Alun Lewis, Sassoon
and Wilfred Owen
give staunch support
to Jon Stallworthy's
World War One tome
Anthem for Doomed
Youth: Twelve Poets
but doomed not us
this century later.

(c) C J Heyworth June 2014
Through an Arts Council Grant organised locally here on The Fylde Coast by Adele Robinson of Lancashire Dead Good Poets, there is a continuing series of events over the Summer labelled Walking on Wyre, Wyre being the River Wyre which bypasses Poulton at Skippool Creek, and joins the Irish Sea at Fleetwood.
Poulton Library invited us to discuss War Poetry in particular with interested locals.
Pat who I used to teach and her husband Stuart were the welcome first arrivals and were soon joined by three additional members of Poulton Writers Group who were very prepared to join in and and make the discussion flow.  A further husband and wife couple joined us after an hour or so and overall the event proved to be a productive and enjoyable get together.
Once like-minded and amiable folks get together the conversation can gel splendidly.

— The End —