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Asuzx Jan 2022
Portrayals of suffering -
Mine and everyone else’s -
What are your cravings for?
May you matter
Existing in this endless instant.

Voicings of my pain,
Do you matter if you save a life?
For a life is but a number.

Representations of my fears -
First aid or pitiful joke?
Sublime art or appalling misery?
Beauty or madness?
Tokens of life or death?
Pointful or pointless?

Does it even matter if it matters?
God doesn't either,
dead or alive,
in dreams or in nightmares,
Unless He makes you laugh.
Does God make you laugh, sometimes?
Asuzx Oct 2021
Pain, pain, go away,
Wish you hadn't come today
But I'll miss you tomorrow,
Drown alone in sorrow.
Loved the good and loved bad
Now non' to do and I feel sad.
Pain, pain, don't leave me,
At least in my sleep I have thee.
Better. Luck. Next. Life.
Asuzx Sep 2021
In my desperate attempt to gain it,
I have lost everything.
It took me so much time to realize
That the future in my head is an illusion.
It took me so much pain and dread to now,
Let them all consume me.

The past and future do not matter,
Nothing does as you would think.
You suffer so much for what does not exist.
Abandonment is your salvation here,
When you have been hoping, always,
Only for a minute dream.
This is where it ended
Asuzx Aug 2021
Today is pain
If today comes after yesterday.

Today is imperfection
If today comes before tomorrow.

What illusion of time are you stuck in?
Time does not exist.
Asuzx Aug 2021
It makes me feel alive
When I want to die,
And reminds me why
I haven't done it yet.

Hold on to your reason
For, when your life gets ruined
And nothing remains,
It is all you have.
Reason not to die.
Asuzx Aug 2021
You are creating an identity
But is that you?
You are making a fool of yourself
By dying too.

You don't know who you are
Because you think that you are someone,
Hence your life will exist
Until it will not anymore.

In this, what sense and meaning
Do you understand?
Tell me. I would love to know.
Since I learned there is none
Long time ago.

Where do you exist?
Is it in your mind?
Because then you are
Nothing but a concept.

Where do you exist?
Is it in your body?
Because then you are
Nothing but some sand.

Where do you exist?
Is it in your soul?
Because then you are
Nothing but a belief.
You are nothing.
I am nothing.
But in this, we exist.
Asuzx Jul 2021
We were born alone
And we will die alone.

But as long as we're here
We can be together.
Together or only an illusion?
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