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Asuzx Feb 20
Have you ever hated someone so bad
That it made you want to end yourself?
Not because you felt bad about it..
But because the anger was suffocating-

So suffocating that you could not breathe
And did not want to live
Knowing you had to feel that again.

Anger can **** but it is mostly poisonous.
I am not done now.
I was done long ago.
Asuzx Nov 2019
We're home now.
But home is nowhere to be found.
Nowhere is my home
Asuzx Sep 2019
Tomorrow we'll be fine.
But tomorrow never comes.
Asuzx Sep 2019
If you had said you'll leave before me
I wouldn't have believed you.
The tears I shed
And cries I laid
Are proof to show you how I felt..
But you never see them,
So you'll never know
There's someone out there
Who still loves you..
I guess you'll never know...
I'm still waiting for your love
Asuzx Sep 2019
I think I'm done
Getting lost in your mind.
I think my love
Was one of a kind.

I cared for you
More than myself.
I lived for you
Not anything else.

My life is over
With you not around.
Farewell, son
We'll meet in paradise.
- See you later -
Asuzx Aug 2019
When you die, will you miss your struggles?
When you die, will you miss the pain?
Will you miss your life, that mostly lived you
instead of being lived by you?

When you go, will you remember the sunshine?
When you go, will you smile one last time?
Or will you curse this world of vanity and vanities,
forgetting this was your chance to life?
When you die
remember your life
and give it a smile
for it's all you ever had
Asuzx Aug 2019
As you’re standing there on edge -
the edge of this world -
You can’t see more than a ledge
And feel nothing new.
You’ve been caught up in your head
so long, you became your own perception;
Caught up in your world,
You miss the world itself.

Oh dear long lost friend,
what have we become?
The things you’re doing to yourself
Are only making me numb.
I’ve been trying, and still am,
to help you see this through,
Until you’ll live to understand that
you don’t need to suffer anymore.
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