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Ash C Dec 2019
You're grown now

You can't cry

I wont allow

So don't you dare try

I know deep down you wanna bawl

But you're grown, you're grown

If you let go, it'll be a waterfall

So claim your throne

Because up there

You're gonna have to bare
Alex Feb 2018
These three useless words
bang against my teeth,
guarded by my lips they want to be released;

I once swallowed my thoughts to keep them inside,
But it seems my naïve heart has kept them alive.

I'm scared they might escape with every passing smile. I need you and want you to be mine.
I love you...
Cat Fiske Oct 2015
**** it up,
**** it in,
hold it all inside,
up in your head,

learning how not a soul wants a thing to do,
with such a problem like you,
so stop crying about it,
if you must,

hold yourself tight,
even lie to yourself about it,
but never ever,
let it all come flowing out,

no one will be around to pick up the broken pieces,
that you shatter in,

so be like a mirror,
and reflect back at them,
there spitting self image
*as they **** it up.
how people judge others before they judge themselves.

— The End —