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Susie Nathan Feb 2020
Anti-Liberty - The British theft of Indian Tea

Plantations, to eyes horizon.
Property of White Man.
Business is thriving
Profits delighting.

One by one, they'd arrived
Seeking liquid gold.
Swindled, misappropriated
Till they could declare, proudly
"These lands are now OURS"

And they expanded
Where they'd landed.
Learning, efficiently, quickly
The best way to exploit
This foreign-empire's rich soils.

Quickly established a name
Soon wife and kids came.
Not inclined to climate
They simply didn’t like it!
So hysterically and suffering
Dysentery, they soon retreated.
Back to Blighty to be treated.

Native Workers (NOT SLAVES)
toiled endlessly, underpaid.
Twelve hours - seven days
As scorching Indian sun blazed.

To please the aristocracy,
things must be done properly.
Crops tendered, harvested
Leaves dried, packed promptly.
Authority respected politely,
Brit’s must appear mighty.

Wooden crates, company stamp
Lugged carefully up ships ramp.
Stacked in the hold,
Precious as a cargo of gold.
To sail seven seas
Home to the Motherland.

In high society homes
4 O'clock can now see
Well dressed Ladies
Gathered socially
To take tea
Nibbling dainty sandwiches
While sipping fashionably.
Susie Nathan Dec 2019
Taken for a ****!

So I was dumb
Naive and young
A spliff in the park
After school
In the dark

1990's just innocent teens
We giggled,  had fun
That's where it begun.
My girls and I, we
fancied these boys.
They invited us to
To meet them.
So we went along.

Puff-puff-give, and
Traffic lights.
Thrilling blowbacks
And a kiss on the sly!
We played on the swings
Did childish things.

We danced about
Free at heart
singing along  
To top 40 songs  
Recorded on cassette
played on a
Sony walkman
Susie Nathan Dec 2019
A Stormy Night

Under shelter, we watch together.
As the earth’s battered,
by natures hammer.
Lighting flashes
Thunder crashes.

The wind blow's,
tree’s shatter.
Looking back in time
All the past words I’ve uttered,
no longer matter.

What I say and what you see
Is it real, is it me?
Desperate for you, to open
Your heart
To let me in and never we part.

I am just a man,
here right now,
Telling you how I feel.
Showing you,
we are connected
This is pure, the
sparks electric.

I know the truth,
Still you deny it
But for how long
Will you fight it?

I pull you close,
into an embrace
We stand in the rain
Eye to eye, face to face

Your breath meets mine
In a steamy dance
Whilst you finally whisper
“I’ll take the chance”

My breath falters,
I hold you tighter
Your soft lips part
A kiss so sweet
I thank the stars
My world's complete

— The End —