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Phoolmatee Dubay Sep 2015
good days are when moments stand out
but not alone
there are others to share it with
the good times
even in bad times we share with others
those we know
being there for us makes it easier to deal with
and bring us to better place during difficult moments
Wet paper rolled in a cone
Pack the kush in, dry as a bone
Make a filter from a baseball card
Fill er' up and pack it hard
Roll the tip up real tight
Lick the blunt and giver a light
Puff it, puff it, pass it to a friend
With ******, the good times don't have to end!
Instructions on how to roll a joint, essentially.
I've got an old buddy named Cliff
And boy-o, could he roll a spliff!
He'd roll it up tight
I'd hand him a light
But always pass out from one whiff!
Written for my good pal, Ranger Rick (he's a park ranger)(and a business teacher)

— The End —