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Jackie Mead Feb 27
I don't live life in the fast lane; being a Slug.
I am one of nature's slowest moving insect or bug.
I take all day getting from A to B.
On the lookout for shiny green leaves; for my tea.

Gardeners dislike me, they lay down a blue pill.
The intention to make me very ill.
I will have the last laugh with them yet.
As their beloved Son covets me for his Pet.

Gladly I live to see another day; nowhere to go, nothing much to say.
Moving slowly from A to B; leaving a trail behind me, silvery and slimy.
Living life slowly and cautiously, and that suits me.
Arcassin B Sep 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

this is so lovely and this is so weird with Nature's intention for humans
to fear,
I never had problems with anyone here,
They came up so ignorant , but will cry
the people are sluggish and drowning in sorrows,
there are no handouts ,from me you can't borrow,
you speak ill of my name then I won't hesitate
to let these motor hands go, leave you
slump though.
If I didn't know better , I would say these
are the worse days.
Did enough harm and now to me you can
not phase.
Tired of not using my brain to get out of this life.
I'm pretty chill today got nothing to do on the side.
JayceeJellies Aug 2015
I want to push you out of me
I don't want to need you the
way that I seem to.
But you've always been there
so it's kind of hard to do.
Honestly I just want the best
for you
So I'll disappear into the dark
I'm a wanderess already,
never sick of the rain that's
flooding me.
Arcassin B Aug 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

I should have been drunk today,
I should have got intoxicated
Like a slug today,
But I didn't,
And i know you hate it,
Let's not talk about it,
I should have been at lunch today,
I should have ate alot today,
But I didn't,
And i know you hate it,
Let's not talk about it,
I wanted to see my love today,
But sitting on my *** is aye-okay,
But I didn't,
And i know you hate it,
That I'm so Active.
Whats Next mEP

— The End —