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Joseph Miller Jul 2017
On city streets
late at night
in the cold winter
I walk
and run
not too numb
to feel
not too blind to see
my dream
like a summer day
long gone now
only cold to crystallize my fate
like frost on the window
icy patterns
trying to get in
reached the limits of my reach
I reach
and pound my fist
against the wall
of humanity
of denial
stretching across the horizon
as far as I can see
I am lost in a crowd
only the sun
beating down
reminding me
I am hot, so hot
I'm going to die
on city streets
It won't be easy
remember me
I walk
and run
like a summer day
long gone now
Joseph Miller Jul 2017
On misty fields
stained with blood
once fighting soldiers
now lie still

faces and hands, open to the sky
not seeing, not feeling
dark, red, gaping holes
through which life has dashed
leaving survivors to decide
how many more will die

even as we speak
war is waging
on fields not far
a sword is ran through
blood flows from both sides
everyone sees, everyone knows
the wound won't heal
it's always in the back of our minds

For we are the living matter
overflowing with love and hate
we are the ones who cut
the ones who bleed
we are the wound
everyone feels the pain
Joseph Miller Jun 2017
Sunlight plays
across the field of flowers
alluring colors
consume me
in timeless beauty
sorrow fades
while joy skips easy
to new heights
the rare light
seized in my mind
this moment
I won't let go
yes I am
touched by something
that blooms and grows
reason to live
so obvious now
Joseph Miller Jun 2017
Pushed through pain
We are born
In a world shattered by chaos
We choke on the acid
Of society
burning through
Our inner being dissolves
Too young
I grabbed the ears
Of the lion
and fought
to keep its jaws
Off my face
Dodging death
Next time
Won’t come
To us
The ego lies
While destiny hides
I wonder who
Where and why
Am I
Crawling in the dark
I beg the stars
Shine on me
With Infinite Compassion
I finally see
We are all
Boundless in spirit
Different currents
In the same river
We flow to the sea
All our joy
All our pain
One day
We leave it behind
This precious gift
Of life
Is love
To give

— The End —