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certifiednutcase Jun 2017
The number on the scale
Becomes very real.
When food becomes kilojoules
Cravings become nil.

The number on the scale
Shouldn't be like a rusty nail.
Causing a wound
that never seems to heal,
that spreads till you're ill.

The number on the scale
is now fear.
For somehow worth is
Equals to
The number on the scale.

The number on the scale
Haunts till
The number on the scale
Decreases to
The (smaller) Number on the scale.
I'm under the influence of these scales
Controlling my every action
Twisting views of my reality
The distorted reflections
in the mirror
Remind me of past memories
And what's to come
Millions of minutely small scales
Cover its delicately sheer membrane.
refracting light scatters our sight
and only iridescent hues are seen.
There can be no good
Without bad

There can be no light
Without dark

There can be no happiness
Without sadness

But isnt it funny how there cant be a positive without a negative, yet the negative seems to be heavier...?
Humour me

It is better to be good, or for something to be good
That would be, well good.
So to balance out the good, there must be equal bad, right?
'cept the bad outweighs the good you see. Bad is heavier and overshadows the good.

Bad > Good

It is preferable for there to be light
Light is in a generalistic sense, a good thing.
So to balance out all the light, we must also have the dark
'cept once again, the dark overshadows the light. The darkness is worse than the light and presents itself as a heavier presence.

Dark > Light

Last but not least, oh ** **... Happiness, it is the greatest thing,
Thus it is a very good thing.
But to balance out the happiness, sadly there must be sadness, and sadness is one of the heaviest emotions because it outweighs the good, the light and the happiness by so much, the happiness is almost non-existent

Sadness > *Happiness
No matter how you look at things, there are always more negatives than positives, because when it comes down to it... the bad will always outweigh the good!
brandon nagley Sep 2015
Tօɖaʏ, tɦɛ tաɛռtʏ sɛʋɛռtɦ
Yɛaʀ օʄ ʍɨռɛ ɮɨʀtɦ;
Tɦɛ Lɨɮʀa sċaʟɛs sɦaʟt ɮɛ ɮaʟaռċɛɖ
Tօ tɦɛ ɦɛaʋɛռ's aʟօʄt I aʍ քɛʀċɦɛɖ.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
If you can't read fancy text it reads

Today, the twenty seventh
Year of mine birth;
The Libra scale's shalt be balanced
To the heaven's aloft I am perched.
Rabiya Zafar Aug 2014
He blew the Scales off my heart
showed me our world,
it's locked in my blue diary
buried inbetween the mist of the dark ink.
© Rabiyazafar
WistfulHope Dec 2014
My skin looks like scales,
And I don't even know
What to make of my scars
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