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certifiednutcase Aug 2019
I’ve loved too much
Cared too deeply.
Though not romantically,
Your absence
still hurts.
certifiednutcase Jul 2019
Stuck in a dark box
With nowhere and
To do.
My hands and legs
Are restrained,
But my mind runs

What is there
To do anymore?
What is there
But an escape from
As the only option?

I’m tired and exhausted,
Sobs stifled,
Overwhelming feelings,
But i am dead already.
certifiednutcase Feb 2019
When the dose of propofol hits
Your veins,
The world fall apart into
One big dark mess.

You try to hang on
To something,
But nothing remains.
Everything just fades away,
Along with your conscience.
certifiednutcase Dec 2018
This is the first
Ordinary good
Thing that has
Please, don’t
Attribute it to fate but
The moment before
Everything fades.
Tloml made me buy toothpaste for him so i wrote this cringe-y poem
certifiednutcase Nov 2018
Tarmac cracks
Under blistening sun,
And i wonder

Funny how one
Thinks about the future
A split second
Thoughts of death.

Is there an easy way
Of this labyrinth
Called ‘life’?
certifiednutcase Nov 2018
To the you, who will never read this:
I miss you.
What happened between us
I know nought.
Was my vices too much
For you to share?
Am i just
Another stranger
certifiednutcase Jul 2018
Another day passes
And i still don’t know if i
Want to live or die
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