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You Nasty Peoples
You Middle and Lower Class
You Labour Class

First you asked for Education
We gave you

Then you asked for Jobs
We gave you

Then you started getting salary
Because we gave you

Then you requested pay hike
We accepted and gave you

Then you asked for health benefits
We gave you – 'health allowance'

Then you asked for other allowances
We still gave some of them

Then you asked for promotion
We gave you

Then you started asking for bonus
We gave you

Then you asked for retirement pension
We gave you

Then you asked for retirement gratuity
We gave you

Then you asked for death gratuity
We gave you

We noticed, You always demand
You open your mouth more often

We accept your right to live
But you live to ask for rights

You always try to gain
You always try to bargain

You feel yourself very smart
But we are also not fools

If you further dare to ask for more
We will ******, all the things we gave

Slowly slowly, One by one, Step by step
We have many ways to deal with you

We have divided, we have ruled
We will divide and we will rule

First we will ****** death gratuity
Then retirement gratuity and pension

This process will go on and on
Like a ball rolling on and on

The more you demand
The more we ******

No you can't equate yourself
With our emoluments and positions

We are the Boss, We are special
You are the slave, nothing special

We will enjoy what we want
You have to bear what we want

Never try to act so smart
We are much smarter than you

Note it Down, Make it clear
You are the Beggar, We the Giver

We have the Power, We have the Money
We have the resources and the Law
And this is not so Funny.
Exploitation Continues. On which side you are???
nothing Jan 4
they say if you
don’t make dollars,
you don’t make sense

but im just a high
school kid, getting paid
10 pence, for a
backbreaking job

im coherent, and
its tolerable,
you see

this phrase doesn’t make
much sense to me
Alan S Bailey Jan 2018
Sometimes, the people who make
The best actors work at
High salary jobs, usually
Being a "too good to be true" success,
Forget about being who you are,
And you can make a whole lot,
But you lose a part of yourself
In the process...

Who cares! It was all worth it,
Hunny bunny!
I'm not dissing high salary jobs, just said sometimes, it's not always truth the job makes one forget the self, but when it is it can be very wrong indeed.
Jordan Fischer Jul 2016
There is nothing extraordinary here
A city built on the river, with it's outskirts burning.
Anger and salary mimic personality

Creativity seeks happiness and inspiration
Those imbued with creative wealth, leave and search.
Those without, settle and gripe.

West I will wander, In search of inspiration.
Basking in knowledge,
Will result in happiness.
Arjun Raj Jan 2016
You count the number of days to the next paycheck
Surprised as you may be, distant as it may seem,
These are still and will always be, the best days of your life

— The End —