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Kagami Jul 2019
Dependency. A cruel fate for a young millennial.
In this country, karma means nothing
Ethics are fiction, as I've found out.
Relying on the manipulative rich man.
He's different for everyone.
Where do you get your checks from?
Cardboard-Jones Jun 2018
Her exotic gaze caught my jet lagged eyes.
The bar was filled with drunken banter
But I heard her loud and clear.
She approached me like a lion approaches its prey,
And the trap was set.

We didn’t speak each other’s language
But our bodies did the talking.
“Come hither” it said as I followed.
Her hips led the way as my hands followed.
She smelled of Juniper and lust.

She can’t take her hands off me,
And I can’t take my lips off her neck.
Her body says “Let’s get out of here”
So I obliged.
She’s taking off my tie in the taxi,
And my hand heads further up her dress.
We left a trail of clothes from the taxi
To her condo.

Ecstacy and cigarette smoke filled the room
As we caught our breaths.
The midnight moon crept in through the curtains.
“Come back to bed” her eyes said.
Her dreamlike state quickly faded
As her eyes locked onto the barrell
Of my gun.
Her eyes said “Have mercy.”
My lips said “You’re just an assignment.”
We couldn’t understand each other,
But a bullet sounds the same in any language.

A single shot echoed into the night
And gently disappeared into the wind.
Her once vivrant body was now
Lifeless and cold.

I’ll collect my check in the morning.
Zero Nine Apr 2017
Most people want me dead
Or speak of me with regret
fit for stage and silver screen
tragedies -- but I'm not gone
as if I'd be much better off.

My family kept me close at heart
I'm a privileged *****, who
lives as well as possible --
I don't know what that means
but I seem better off.
I feel better off.

Paycheck to the next I do
a self sensual low light dance
as if my insides don't grind
in the race for cash at hand
We're better off. I'm not gone,
but better off dead. We're
better off dead.
Self love in laser light
Arjun Raj Jan 2016
You count the number of days to the next paycheck
Surprised as you may be, distant as it may seem,
These are still and will always be, the best days of your life
Frank Ruland Aug 2014

Two legs, arms, a brain and back
Use 'em and put your *** to use
Look alive and pick up the slack
Here you work or get the noose!

You want the almighty paycheck
But you don't wanna do the time
You're just a pain in my neck
And you're not worth my dime!

I get to run things for a reason
Six years I've worked this kitchen
If you choose to be a lazy heathen
See the wall with tallies written!

I need you like a hole in the head
Plenty of people who need a job
Sloths like yourself make me see red

— The End —