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Symbolic Beauty Sep 2018
I fell for the sweet nothings
I fell for the lies
I believed you loved me
And I have the tears I've cried
But you don't care how much you've hurt me
It's all apart of your game
You say you care but it's all just a mirage
Designed to **** vulnerability in
I was a fool for your lies
I wanted to believe so bad
But I had my wake up call
And now I am mad
I am vengeful
I am hurt
Because in all the lies
"I love you"
"I will never hurt you"
Is what cut the most
I'm just a fool...
Be careful what you wish for...
Symbolic Beauty Jul 2018
Tired of the games
Tired of the run around
Tired of the lies
Tired of the empty promises
You say you want this but everything is screaming at me that you don't
I feel like such a fool to believe what comes out your mouth
Love is truly blind
I'm stumbling around in the dark trying to reach you but you keep pulling away
This is some sick game to you
Guess what
I'm done playing
My heart is tired
You've managed to beat it up and wreck it up
It's in pieces
Soon I'll get tired of being tired
Eventually you become numb...
Symbolic Beauty Jun 2018
As I lay here watching you sleep
Looking so peaceful
All my mind can think of is how beautiful you are
When we get together it's nothing but fire and ice
I am fire
You are ice
We make an intriguing pair
I fight for the right to bare my soul to you
You fight to keep all these walls up
Don't you get it?
I am the one that is patient enough to break down your insecurities
and melt away all your fears
Shield you from all the pain
Sacrifice it all just for you to understand how strong our bond is
The power to sooth your aching heart and chip away at the walls you've grown so comfortably accustome to
But how can I?
When all you do is ice me out
With my bare hands I'll take it down brick by brick. That's how much you mean to me.
Symbolic Beauty May 2018
She looks so happy but little do you know that she's slowly dying inside

Frozen in a stance where she looks quite pleasant and delightful

Her eyes seem so joyful but if you really look closely you will probably notice that it's lost it's luster

No one will ever notice the pain behind her smile

There is a distinct beauty in her sorrow
A picture is worth a thousand words
  Apr 2018 Symbolic Beauty
Jelly Walker
I’ve kissed too many lips
who tend to forget my name the next day
I’ve hugged bodies who once kept me warm and loved
that are gone as soon as I realize they never meant it.
I’ve spoken words to people who didn’t even deserve to know the secrets of my universe
I’ve shared beds with souls who were only there to acknowledge their own self worth, while mine deteriorated with every second
I’ve loved humans who didn’t even know what love was, causing me to wastefully pour out whatever was left in my heart...
destructing into the fragile bit of me now
— Now I’m left so afraid to get attached to people.
  Apr 2018 Symbolic Beauty
i am locked within a cage
of my own making
my hands and feet are ******
from trying to climb these walls
made of my own bones and hatred

i am screaming please don't leave
but by the time the words
make their way up to my mouth
from this prison
only the word
escapes my mouth
please don't leave, even when i am so difficult. I truly do not mean it and wish more than anything for you to stay. please stay
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