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Anthony Jul 2018
You had me at friends, but I wanted you.
You had me at gaming, but I wanted you to be player two.
You had me at metal music, but I wanted us as a group.
You see, to you, we were just friends, but to me I knew what was to become.
Now look at us falling madly in love.
To you the distance kills us, but to me I see a testament of our growth.
To you it's hard, but to me it's you that drives me to achieve what we will be.
You feel alone, as do I, but we can never say goodbye. We hold on for dear life.
Because I know that one day you'll become my loving wife.
Anthony Apr 2018
Here we are once again looking into the depths of each other’s hearts. Wondering about each other’s heartbreak. Wondering if this is a good idea or not.
Here we are once again talking and laughing falling for one another...
I do not know about you, but I can feel myself caring more and more.

Baby I can’t tell you I love you.
Not yet...
We have not met.

You’re on your way,..and I’m here.
I’m nervous
I’m scared
So are you

One things gotta be true
Here we are once again looking into the depths of each other’s hearts
Anthony Apr 2018
As I sit here talking with you
I can’t help but see you talking with me
You’re a very busy bee
I’m just silly ol’ me
I want to call you baby
I want to call you honey
I want to call you mine
You’re beautiful and irreplaceable to me
I’m just another guy to you
I’ve been told I’m bad news
I’m broken in two
There’s so much I can share
So much that I can’t bare
Not alone at least
But you
You’re a beast
You are sitting here with me as if nothing is wrong but I know the truth you’re just like me
Two peas in a pod
A wonderful pair
That’s why you’re sitting here
Anthony Mar 2018
5lbs 14oz. We gave you life, yet life almost took you away. I wanted you to stay so I knelt down to pray.
Dear Father, I know I’ve done many wrongs, but let me take her place so that she may have life. This pain to know is unbearable. I promise to be careful, but don’t make her pay for my sins. His reply was undeniable.
That was years ago
5lbs 14oz. We gave you life, now look at you go. Sweetie, slow down, and please know that daddy loves you.

— The End —