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you rushed in like
the cold winter air
and left me there alone,
naked and shivering and
wishing only for spring
ha i finished this at 12:18am on 12/18, imagine that
Austin Campbell Dec 2019
have you ever seen words
dance like that?
she can make syllables
shimmer like diamonds,
the pieces of her soul
she bares
when she smiles and laughs
filling the room with
the serenity of snow
the warmth of her good heart
woven from the same fabric
as kindness and beauty -

transport me through time
to find that
I still admire you just the same
the worlds and characters
you concoct
inspiring worlds in me;
bend dreams into
marvelous shapes,
lost in the throes -
the fervent grip
of your beautiful imagination.
Austin Campbell Dec 2019
i sank into you so easily,
did I think it would hurt
any less?

i fell
so **** hard
i hit the floor
and shattered -
messy broken pieces
cradled by
copious coping mechanisms
erudite discussions of self-love.

Kiss the Sun
feel the fire
consume flesh
that weeps,
for love,
starved and starving


willing to risk it all
for a future
feels far and foreign
like some forgotten
(or perhaps, mad?)

juggle life and death
only to spiral
into the past
into the present
into emotional volatility
the withdrawals my heart endures
away from you
the pain of longing,
having longed for nothing more
than your touch;
addictive personality prevailing,
sinking further
into lovesick madness,
I turn to the past for answers:
memories attack like zombies
rising from dew-laden graves,
through time’s barrier
between the now and then...

i see myself
grasping someone’s thumb
i feel love
for the first time;

i see a girl
smiling at me -
she kisses me
next to a green ladder
i can’t respond
i don’t know how;

i see an arm around a shoulder
in the back of a Dodge van
a sweaty highschooler
asking for a girl’s
cellphone number -
did he save her life
or did she save his?
time slips
through them like
cutting ribbons
out of clear paper
centuries rust
like the forgotten bike
in that groundhog’s shed;

i see a sweater,
hear a voice,
and my heart colours
the sky
with every shade
of the love
i cannot yet admit
i am feeling -
she is better than me,
of this i am certain,
which is perhaps
why it hurts when
she is so far
i already make myself
feel so small.

i see myself,
how powerful my love
when i let it go -
while no one’s watching
it has nowhere to go
but inward;
a tree falls,
hidden in the dark -

lay in the snow

my heart beats red:
beat beat beating

beating beating

to love
to care

a fate
only human.
The difference between a moment and a lifetime.

When your laughs reach your eyes.
When your cheeks hurt from smiling.
When you feel lost, and it means found.
And the list goes ever on.
  Dec 2019 Austin Campbell
An idiot is harmless,
Until that idiot falls in love,
Then they’re willing to do anything,
For the person they’re in awe of.

Whether its building a new world,
Or burning the old one down,
They’ll stop at nothing,
To give their love a crown.

Now if that love fades,
And they are left weeping,
They could take one of two paths,
Both will leave an empty heart unsleeping.

Path one is war and rampage,
Destroy everything in their way,
Path two is depression and tears,
They may cause their own doomsday.

Either way an idiot is harmless,
Until that idiot falls in love,
And if you happen to cross that idiot,
Beware for they do not care, they are deprived of---------
i might be an idiot in love.
Austin Campbell Dec 2019
Tired is a feeling that rests in the corners of your eyes
and makes the inside of your eyelids
look a lot like Heaven.
Goodnight morning.
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