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Rowan Ayman Jun 2018
Maybe if I stopped being mad about this modern world ,maybe I’ll find myself then.
Rowan Ayman Jun 2018
Can they be together
If the waves climbed high ?
Can they still be lovers
If the sun sinked so deep?

Will they know how to talk
When the wind howls?
Will they know how to walk
When the clouds cover the stars ?

If the pen is out of ink
Will the letters stop?

What if
Their eyes turned out to be
Boxes made of steel

What if
Their hearts
Were too scared to feel

If their souls
Were making ladders
Out of the grass ground they step on
To hold hands

If their minds
Were inventing sweet dreams
After each long talk

And the air they breath
Can carry extra life
The steps they take
Can stretch to miles

The music they love
Can turn the place to be
A sea shore or a lush park
Can build a time machine
Out of the perfect rhythms
Taking them to another era
To their home

One likes to write
One likes to read
One likes to sing
One likes to hear

They both can stay
They both can feel
Rowan Ayman Jun 2018
Future fear is such a foe
It clutches your hopes
It rips your confidence
Scratches your smile
With a weird harsh noise
The same way a pencil
Would scratch a chalkboard

It closes the curtains of your eyes
Opens a window of doubts
There is where it stands
It Shoots rocks of what ifs
Breaking your glass heart of hopes

And you stand behind
With it pulling your legs backwards
From life
You stand there
With it painting your mind black
Till you cant get excited
Your mind
Becomes a tv with no signal
Future fear
Is white noise

But you grab your pride
To take the lead
You let your soul loosen up
Humming while it flys
Now listen up
You’ll turn on the lights
To search for your smile
To see
You’ll have it clear
Future fear will never again
Observe you as its home
Rowan Ayman Jun 2018
You know I go to places,
Ones in my mind
Where i feel free
If you could walk with me ,
I'll take you on a trip
But pardon me for some mess
For my mind have the audacity
To ask questions that have no answers
But it sometimes stops the guess
Take me away for a while
Show me wanders
I'll hear the songs....if you write
Let me ponder
Talk to me about your thoughts,
I'll tell you my own
I'll tell that I'm not much of a poet,
But I melt for the  Shakespearean sonnets.
I hope our colors bind,
Violet is splashed in my soul
maybe your blue would be fine
Like the sea
You see
I write about it in all my poems.
If I got to meet you
Future love
I'll write ,
Asking the stars for some space for my words
Asking the sunset for some shades
If you let your eyes talk,
May I find my lost pieces
In your unspoken words
May you prove wrong my doubts
Those insecurities towards love
May you show me that a pearl can still shine among the dust.
Show me that care is not all roses
Show me that love can outweigh all causes
Bring back my trust in originality
Show me that among that mess in reality,
There still exists a real mind
A pure soul
Let me believe in love
Without lies .
moon-kissedstar Mar 2018
I believe love follows the first Law of Thermodynamics. It can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred or changed from one form to another. We all have love in ourselves; which is why we have acts of humanity, we take care of animals and we care for the environment. When we meet someone special, the love within us awakens. It continuously changes from one form to another. Which is why we hug, we kiss, we cuddle & do things for them. And if/when the relationship comes to an end, the love never dies; it is never destroyed. It will only change into something more meaningful, something more definite; it could be acceptance, forgiveness, memories and many more.

- m-k.s
Shai Tibbs Oct 2016
At first he said hi and he treated you with respect, something you never thought you could get.

Suddenly he leaves and for a day you do not see him

You begin to think, I wonder what he is into, how is he doing.

Realizing you've cling to someone you are into but don't truly know what he is about, yet it  doesn't bother you, for it is he you let your guard down hoping one day you can feel what you felt before.

How could you ignore such a feeling.

Then that day comes the day you see him again, in that same building standing in the same line maybe a few people ahead, but he is right in front of you.

He says hi and he treats you with respect, you say hi and do something you regret.

Somehow now he has changed and u wouldn't believe some of the thing he be saying.

Treating you with neglect, giving you disrespect, he just played his cards right just to give you good ****.

Now you question your heart, insecure torn apart. you took a chance but the state he left you in ....
tears and pain from the disconnect ...

SMR Mar 2016
Broken promises
Unanswered calls
A disappearance from
her life
To you
goodbyes mustn't be so hard

SMR Mar 2016
Do not get tempted by
Unessential things that
Not only will have
You crying and withering with pain but
Aching with desires
Cazandra Leia Oh Sep 2015
I am Monday
The sky on a rainy morning
I am the sea as it rumbles
The air as it trembles
I am the storm
And the calm
I am a mess
Catastrophe with eyes grayer
Than the smoke
Of the world that has burned down
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