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Jon Thenes Nov 2019
lazy mankindness

free play for the inhuman

prattlefeild of fame
anti haiku
Star BG Mar 2019
Prattle not with ego’s limiting jargon,
for the heart does beg for attention.

Prattle not the dark mind of thoughts
for the heart is full of wisdom.

Prattle not in words useless
better yet move in self love
for it’s far more rewarding.

Prattle not in sea of sad songs,
rather swim in ocean of non judgment
as it’s the anchor for peace.
Inspired by Frank Davis Jr. A grand writer. Check out his work. He taught me a new word prattle.
K Balachandran Jun 2018
after raging rain,
goes night long, frogs' sqawky strain:
"give us back rain's reign"
K Balachandran Mar 2015
Look! two butterflies entangled
in the thick of love, try extricating,flapping wings
girl, forget you're a doctor,let love resolve it.
A strawberry touches her lips,
astonished I stop eating my peach;
where does the fruit end, her lips begin?
Your dad is conservative,
mother is moderately appreciative,
every move of amour, has to be  politically sensitive.
On this bikini your body prattles,
a language unintelligible through, I am all ears,
darling, make your body speak, the lingo it truly appreciates.
Water nymph, your bodyhugging dress
simultaneously does myriad things,
talks erotica, tries seduction,makes me a fool fumbling for words.
Hunter K Oct 2014
War has begun,
And only the leaders son,
Knows what his father has done.
He tries to protect,
The one he loves and respects,
But he knows what to expect,
That blood already trickled down her neck.
She died in battle,
Since she talked prattle.
Not knowing he was coming,
Not knowing what she was becoming.

— The End —