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Nuran gueddes Mar 2021
have You seen Something gold in the water
golden body in  water shines in the dark
you could hear the beat of  heart
the strings of trauma willing
to start
fire to burn and turn but water
Flows within
like pools of  embrace reminding
me of his skin
images stucks on me like a sin
celluloid on my brain still vivd
splashing warmy water on the  
those endless reflections has to fade
i'm altering into blaze
diving in the blue,and echoes
power is only pain
Wether you swallow a bubble
or a flame
The body  melts
You know fire and water are
Not the same
I’m wilting, from petals to
Redness in the lids liquor
Blackness out of my lashes
Beauty is blurred
The words and feels
Are unheard
He lives upon fire
But I just got burned
Lucky melanson Jan 2021
Let me be your she yeti
Let me have my way with you
As we couple as two loving women
You go into a unusual position
I make love to you
And your flower
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
Make love to
In the mosque after
Friday prayer when
No is around to catch
Us doing it
Start tenderly and slowly
And the hard and fast
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
The eye of autumn
As faded from the
Into day light
As the Darkness
Brings brighter morning
Pain yields joy
From hate we learn love
All in one spooky season
Elena Mustafa Sep 2020
******* blood sugar
Yes its tasty
As the normal sugar
Cut my wrists
And gently
**** the
Is that better then candy
SelinaSharday Apr 2018
Is it one size fits all
Does it fit you,  is it irrevelant.
Can you smoke it
Can you wear it.. can you take it or leave it.
Is it fitting like underwear..
A just for me pair.
Poetry.. intimacy.
deep down to the soul.
Like a pair of comforting shoes.
Like your muse..
Does it heal or bruse.
Can you wear it.. if so where like on your head.
Or can it take you to bed.
Poetry does it tickle your funny bone.
Is it comical, does it delight your witty.
Does it ignite your silly..
Does it sooth the aches when you feel alone.
Poetry needs.. To absorb as it feeds. Oh it has its tone.
It has needs..It is being exposed.
Even to the unrecognizable.
Poetry is revealing..Needs reading..The poetic anatomy.
Consume It.. drink it greedily.
If you reply back It responds so happily.
Where ever you can apply it, you can have it.
Its down to the soul.. Poetry is personal.
s.a.m selinasharday 2018
All.about that poetic vibe
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
I was out browsing the galaxy.
I came upon this place of poetry.
There are Poems laying at the Poetry Alter.
Found a poem I also wanted to give some water.
At the Poetry's ALTER
Pieces looked upon.
From the fore front they've gone.
Yet they are special and still stretched carefully out.
Like flowers just waiting there to sprout.
Poems to be read upon like planted seeds.
For anyone who needs,
I was out browsing the galaxy.
I came upon this place of poetry.
There are poems laying at the Poetry Alter.
Found a poem I also wanted to give some water.
We are the Writers, the sowers, the reapers.
We are workers the laborers the Poetry Keepers.
Let us browse the books, the internet nooks, the newspaper shoots,
But let us not be guilty of being overlooking crooks.
Let us not go ignoring the massive carefully written books.
But let us sow
Were we shall reap, let us read that we may grow,
I was out browsing the galaxy.
I ran across this place of Poetry.
Let us pour WATER.
On the poems left lying at the Poetry's Alter.
Dear writers of poems, songs and books you have now been watered.
This water consists of vitamins, and mineral for you to grow.
May more from you develop And more of you may sow?
You're watered by tears of joy, laughter and refreshing rains.
Your Poems are seeds, grown and sown it forever abides,
and its uniqueness remains.
S.A.M. All Rights Reserved © 2007
uniqueness of individual poems from the heart they have grown been shown shared and dared to be traveled passages tucked in given unique places. For the love of poetry I wrote this one..
Syiera Rose Feb 2016
Forever floating among grey skin and grey clothes.
Which seems to be perfect for some,
But I cannot follow those;
Those who follow the greyscale, those who believe what is said to be ideal.
Do they long to no longer feel?
Do they wish to live a bland life?
Be straight, take a wife,
Have kids, live for strife?
Take a husband, Work full time,
Whistle out the window as the birdies chime?
Little do they know, you can have a normal life and keep yourself colorful and alive.
Little do they know, there is no shame in having color makes for a happier life.
What I mean by color: Color as in idea's, adventures, and real- well thought out- opinions and ideas.

Is this a remark on homosexuality and gay rights?: No, it isn't, it is just the typical idea of "normal".

What do I mean by "normal"?: What I mean by normal is the typical settling down and raising a family. In this poem I am talking about raising a family and still experiencing life.

I write all my material,
Please ask my permission if you would like to use it.
Thank you.

— The End —