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Yeshie you were the
Final man I will be with it
You have left a bad taste in
My mind heart and mouth

I hope you burn in
Hell for cheating and betrayal
Of my love

I bet you made the same
Promises to some *****

Yeshie I hate you
Your piercing gazing gives me
More promise
Hope and love
Then the monk’s
Loving gentle loving look
His sparkle in his eyes
That betrayed me
As I feel that kiss
And your face
Force their way between my legs
I can help
Have my forbidden
Flower blossom
Tell me it’s really girl
Is it really real
Tellonym me girl is it really love
That I am feeling
Let me be your she yeti
Let me have my way with you
As we couple as two loving women
You go into a unusual position
I make love to you
And your flower
I don't just want to be you lover
But a passionate one ineed
As we make out
I want to make you feel good
You bring out the she yeti in me
We are
Moving too fast
And I like it
My liza
Would you like the
Please of kissing me
Deeply and sweetly
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