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Mita Mar 2017
When the time is right,
you will find the one,
and she won't mind
with the way that you treat her,
or the way you already are.

When the time is right,
everything will fall
into the right places again
so you'll be alright and
nothing will hurt you anymore.

When the time is right,
you know you will accept
the love you deserve.
You will never have to force
anything that's truly meant to be.

When the time is right,
you will love her,
and she will love you too.
Truly, deeply, faithfully.

– P.A
It's only about the perfect timing.
Ube Jam Dec 2016
Mahal, kaya ko pa
Kaya ko namang maghintay
kahit sa huling sagot mo pa'y
Ayaw mo na
Mahal, kaya ko pa
Ilang beses nang dumaan
Yung mga pagkakataong bitawan ka
Pero mahal, ayoko
Iba ka sakanila
Kung dati'y nahahayaan ko pa
Mahal, pasensya
Kung ikaw kasi ang pinaguusapan
talagang di ko kaya
ilang beses mo nang pinilit na lumayo ako sayo
ngunit di gagalaw tong mga paa ko
Kasi mahal,
Alam ko namang ayaw mo rin
Pinipilit mo lang naman sa sarili mo
na masyado pang maaga
na mali
kaya mo ko inilalayo sayo
Kaya magpapakatanga ako
Pwede bang hayaan mo ko?
Ikaw kasi yung unang pinaglaban ko
Di pa ba sapat na hayaan mo ko?
Sige, mahal
Ayos lang
Ipilit mo sa sarili mo
Ilayo mo ko,
Paghintayin ako
Mahal, kaya ko pa
Wag mo lang naman sanang ipilit na
ginagago kita
At kung naghihintay ka lang na sabihin kong
Di kita mahal
Ako na mismong nanloko sa sarili ko
Kung ginawa ko man yon
Mahal,  ipilit mo nang lahat
Wag lang sa puntong umabot sa totoo kog nararamdaman,
Kasi mahal,
Mahal talaga kita
Mita Nov 2016
Everything happens for a reason;

When he breaks your heart
it is for a reason
you may not know but
he knows and God knows

When your grades are failing
it is for a reason
maybe you didn't study enough
or you underestimated it
only you know and God knows

When your friendship falls apart
it is for a reason
maybe you didn't reach out or
you've found another friends, better
only you know and God knows

And when life hits you so hard
it is for a reason
to give you lessons or
to give you a burden
you decide

It's your choice
whether you want to look
at the good things or the bad things
only you know and God knows

and all those things that
happen to you in life
they happen for a reason;
your family, your friends,
your ex-lovers, your 'almost',
your downfall, your glory days,
your actions, your instincts

They make you who you are today
so be grateful for each day
as everything happens for a reason

Lisa Ann Noe Oct 2016
A memory of Daddy
Lisa Noe

It happened long ago on Keesler Air Force Base
I went to the NCO club, which was our favorite place
Daddy and I would visit here every Sunday morn.
The food we ordered was very Southern
Biscuits and gravy and French toast
That is what I liked the most

Sometimes we’d go and fish
But I detested that dish
So we’d always throw them back
But fun we did not lack
We caught some flounders on our hooks,
But that we never cooked.

Then to the park we would go
I ‘d swing to and fro
Go down the slide a time or two
I would always over do
But the fun that we had
Always made me love my dad

That is a memory that I cherish
And it will never perish
My dad is gone now
But I shall always be his pal
He called me shadow
That was many years ago

Special are my memories
He made us the best of families
All of us adored him
His light will never dim
I miss him so much
As I loved him a bunch.
daddy died in 1986 but I still love him dearly, he was a great dad.
Mita Oct 2016
last week you were screaming love
to me
but i wasn't sure yet
and today you're screaming love
to her
and i'm falling apart

a vile little thing time is;
last week you were here
today you are there
last week you and i talked
today you and i keep quiet
last week you and i went out
today you go out with her
last week you told me
"you are my home"
today you probably tell her too

last week you loved me
today you love her
is it the bad timing or
you just didn't love me?

**** this **** i'm out
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