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Tiger Ayres Oct 29
When did the clouds last shower
And when did the sun last beam
When did the bee last soar
And when did the fox last strut

Time is a second, a minute and an hour
Time is a day, a month and a year
Time is a death, a birth and all that's inbetween
But time is a mystery when you are not near.
Tiger Ayres Jul 1
Been sad for a month now
And I don't really talk much anymore
A loud kid gone quiet
Blending in the crowd
Everything is a snarky comment
Everything is a jab in my side
Everything is a loss of me

I spend my nights alone
Hang-up those calls
Ignore those messages
I remove myself from the world
Lost in my own thoughts
To only fall harder for this loneliness I started in

I think it's my fear grabbing ahold of me
The fear of losing
The fear of failing
The fear of needing
The fear of letting go
And hurting
Hurting her
Hurting me
Hurting them
And losing myself some more
Losing myself
Tiger Ayres Jul 1
You left me too long ago
It doesn't hurt anymore
Well, maybe a little
But I hated you for it
All of it
I hated what you did and
I hated what you didn't do
I hated what you said and
I hated what you didn't say
I hated what you became and
I hated what you couldn't become
I hated it all
And I hate what you did to me
How you'd smile at me with those dimpled cheeks
How you'd look up at me with that love in your eyes
How you'd hold me when I needed holding
And how'd you kiss me when I needed kissing
I hate all of what you did
And loved every part of it
I just needed something to hate
Or I'd love you forever
I'd love you forever
Tiger Ayres Jun 26
You dropped out of view
Just over that low, low skyline
Where the roads travel further than my eyes can comprehended
Between rigid cliffs, where the tree does bloom
And the water bungees with snapped cords
Where the deer stride and the hare watches
Quietly for passing to come
Tiger Ayres Jun 25
Lost on the road that takes me home
Zebras pass me by though I still feel alone
Caught in a loop that goes round and round
Caught in a jail to which I'm bound

Eyes closed and right foot down
Hands stay steady but ready to drown
The night light beams on me like headlights
And then I'm home to continue lonely nights
Lonely Nights
Tiger Ayres Feb 5
I am dead
There is no pain
No sorrow
No nothing
Just me
My thoughts are what keep me company now,
Keep me warm
Not the flesh that once held me
They now fade away
With the gift that is life
Tiger Ayres Jan 19
Was I too friendly?
Seemed more like a brother?
Was I just your guy best friend?
Flirt but you didn't mean it
Just fun and games
A laugh back-and-forth

How was he different?
What did he do I didn't?
Was it his hair? His eyes? His smile?
His heart that you wanted?
I guess mine was too grey for you.
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