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Macktheknife Jun 2017
The person you have called is unable to answer at the- click
That was the third time have called him since 7:00.
I sit the phone down in spite-full elegancey.
Another weekend crucified in the name of romance, I had, despite a nervous feeling in my gut, decided to stay home.
you see he had said he would drop by my place and we would have dinner at 6 and from there we would paint the town,
so like any idiot worth his salt, I believe him and wait.
And wait. And wait. And wait.
8 o’clock roll’s around and i decide to call back, but just as I pick up the phone an image shoots into my brain.
An image of all the ways he’s choosing to ignore my call, my voice and my intimacy.
I decided that its best that I give up on calling him, after all I have enough dignity to know when to give up.
That prior nervous feeling in my gut soon begins to weigh me down, I take a ****, and climb down from my porcine thrown reborn.
some feed back would be nice ya know so i know im not shouting in an empty room
Despite all odds
even if your feet trembles
your hands shaking
your tummy aches

remember all you have to do
is believe and in yourself
and make it happen
cause you work hard for it
i am a beginner and i am very sorry if the grammar is wrong
NutellaRox May 2015
The mountain lies in front of us;
Beauitful and breathtaking,
I was hot, but i did not fuss,
And i was looking forward of when we would swim in the lake.

We start the climb,
I see a water bottle stand,
That costs a dime.
i go off the track to get the water, then i sit on the dry land.

We continue up the rocky trail.
I am more tired then ever,
so my legs start to fail.
But i will never stop, never;

As the view is exhilarating.
I see my  town from far away,
So breathtaking.
I then see a flock of blue jays.

After the hike, my desire for a nap is deep.
I sludge to my room.
I start to sleep.
as i nap, the experience of hiking looms.
This is my first poem. Please be nice <3
Heavens-Rain May 2015
Who are you?
I'm curious to know
You read what I write
As though you care
Didn't know my thoughts
Would generate such a following
I honestly try to convey
What my heart speaks
Listen closely now
And you might just hear my heart beat
Just curious about the people who read and like what I write.

— The End —