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May 26
Me looking at you, you looking back.
Almost like a reflection back as when you move I move too.
In the water or in the bathroom you follow me.

Calling me to you where I cannot go.
And you try to follow me yet you leave when I do.
    I come back, so do you.

Whatever can I do?
Are you looking at me or am I looking at you?
    Looking back I think I understand.

Your hand matches mine.
You are the most devine.
    Your eyes are mine.

You see me and I see you.
We wave at each other perfectly in harmony.
    Empty space surrounding.

In the dark of night, the light of day.
You look like me in every way.
Almost like you are me.
    That is impossible to be.

Am I you or am I me?
Looking at you catching up the slack.

    Me looking at you, you looking back.
One of my first works so be nice.
Written by
Dakota  15/M/United States
(15/M/United States)   
     Maddy and ---
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