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Jessica Stull Feb 2019
I’ve thought a little you see
And In no way am I scared of thee
I’m ready to be redefined and redefine what everything could be
I feel a dragon burning from my depths
Warming my soul for the ice ahead
Preparing this shell to be no longer a home
Like a catipilar from a cocoon
I will fly like a butterfly
But with a rage of this dragon
No home with or without
Yet stronger and mightier than a stout
A brewery of blood and wise
To help see through all who disguise
© Jessica Stull
Jessica Stull Jan 2019
Yeah I’m a bit insane
A bit off line
Walking a line
Trying to keep steady and feet heavy
But **** you make it hard to understand
I’m not choosing
So if you make me, then you’ll lose
Not some **** “duck,duck, goose”
Is it too much to ask or to beg?
Actually I got another better way to say
I’ll work and I’ll fight for everything I want and can’t have
To not live, to aim, to please
I will aim to cease
Any name whom shall try to cut me
Go ahead, take a blow at me
See my feet still heavy?
No, actually I love me
Just like you
You look in the mirror who else you gonna run to
Too many demons you gravitate to?
Okay now jump the tracks, I want my life back.
“F*k” you, where the love at?
©Jessica Stull
Confused by encounters
Jessica Stull Jan 2019
How many times will this wheel spin
Create the weave alike to cave in
You shoulda known I’d be filled out, made to be put out, sought out
I shoulda known to practice a reserved attitude
Reckless in approach
And at this point
I’m playing with the fire
It’s dying like a roach
Through with this burning ****
When you ain’t even worth a spit
I gotta call it quits
I don’t take or put up fits
I just do it for the kicks
Kick in the ice and freeze © Jessica Stull
Jessica Stull Jan 2019
What are words if not to tell the lengths of emotions
To reach far from the horizons of dried tears
Swim past the seas of breaking hearts so to speak
You’ll soon forget that life is like a tree, a leaf
You grow around your wounds, not like a dog
Who licks and cry’s, eyes set to seek out pity
Far from pride, is where we hide, we stand tall
With roots planted firmly below
What is words, to speak, to harm, to love, to understand
Words of a tree that give life without cause to end
This is what I seek to adhere to in the end
© Jessica Stull
Jessica Stull Dec 2018
Someone who you dared to find
Plays upon words like gravity to a feather
Ease up in the moment for she be tethered
Each and every word more devious than the last
Creature feature, double danger, double-dealing
Hideous unlike any other, but rather only    
   in the way this conscience sounds his soul
Will only, one’s own creativity shine  
It’s strength towers over, in length of time
Let’s pretend that you really are fine
Luscious treats then await you, the future shines to sate you
©Jessica Stull
I love messing with  word  play, here I chose the words “speech” and “will”
I love mixing up words to find new words that explore other realms of the underlying feelings or ideas they hold. I think my brain goes into another world when I start to write
Jessica Stull Dec 2018
Fire, ice, spit, crackle, break into slice
Crimson, spirited scented perfumes
Aching fury, lonesome soul
Thou shalt know the torment raging below
Redolent though, the remindful memories we hold
©Jessica Stull
Most of my thoughts Brew in the captivity  of the workplace
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