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Mar 2019
i can feel you in my kiss
salivating between my hips
crying out, "please take me home,"
i don't wanna be here, boy,
leave me alone

flakes of skin left under my nails
broken vessels from your hell
"promise you it'll be quick,
won't be too long now"
you make me sick

how can you call yourself a man?
my reputation doesn't mean that you can
i can taste your blood in my teeth
"piggy" scratched deep with my keys

shattered glass from waylie's metal pipe
scattered 'cross your car like stars tonight
paint drips down like blood from my thighs
you don't get to wink at me and lie

tried to hold my hand on the drive back
kiss my shotgun, daddy,
you like that?
ripping through my castle walls
***** stains and wrappers coat the hall

you'll get what's yours in due time
God never forgets to give me what's mine
made me feel like it was my fault
thought i could trust you,
but you stole it all away

i'll return the favor someday
no amount of sleeping around excuses u holding me hostage and ****** me
sleep well, dear, god never forgets
Written by
carmen  19/F/heaven
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