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Yemaya Feb 2021
You're scent is best forgotten.
Yet I remember your cinnamon hair,
Everytime the breeze carried the warm smell to my nose I smiled.
Because it meant you were still there with me.
We weren't in love,
Because we are and were,
too young to be having such big emotions.
But I know that whenever I catch the scent of cinnamon on an afternoon autumn breeze.

I will remember you.
Will you remember me?
Bre marie Aug 2016
You may see colors and a world that is free. When I open my eyes everyone is expecting good things from me. I struggle to breath in this cage without a window or door. Black and white, white and black-I feel as if to be under attack. Do I wait for one more year to pass or attack back? I want to be me but then all of a sudden there's something wrong with me? I seem so sad, I look so depressed. I'm okay, I'm not under any stress! Laughing in the back of my head because being me rather than the person I set up in their heads make them all think I've lost my sanity instead!

NoT yet hAVe i GonE mAD!

I have not ripped my memory's to shreds! I don't need more meds. Am I really seeing all these things or is it just in my head? Attack! Attack! Knock down the cage walls white and black! Black and white! Depressed in stress I wear a bullet proof vest; they strap me tight in the jacket without care, lock me up and watch me disappear.
Zachery Oct 2018
An inexplicable art
Its me running you over in a cart
Its driving a stake through your heart
Its me tossing at your picture a dart
Beyond my memory vault
Lies something thats my fault.
I dont know what
But it leaves a deep cut
My life is in a rut
Now its a haze
That leaves me unfazed
As I smile discretely
At the memory
Locked Away Deeply
Sandman Mar 2018
I found myself against your shirt.
Buryed deep in your grace.
Don't you let go of me.
Your tears smell of sadness.

You pulled away and now I'm sad.
I'm growing up old and mad.
Synthetic smiles
Seen for miles.
I wish I could feel you one last time.
To tell you it would all be fine.

Life is beautiful like the warmth I used to feel between us.
Your a sudden drop from my heart.
I'll try and think of all the happy things we used to do.
Pay attention to the detail.
Certain smell
Texture taste.
The more I remember the more I destort because certain things we did can not be recreated for the pleasure of my mind.
Poetic T Oct 2017
We all have that tomb
                   of granite words,
carved out that will never fade.

From our thoughts and reflections..
                          they were, and are our love,
   no longer with our grasp.
               But always within the echoes of our smiles.
Branches grow through the spring,
Sharp like a razor blade.
The thorns reach out and grab a victim,
Cuts so deep, each memory, each reflection.

Winter comes for scars to hide,
But underneath the cuts are wide.
Wears it like a disguise from normality,
But sill gets judged by reality.

Summer comes where you're faced with fire,
Now it can't be hidden, the urge and desire.
Autumn leaves start to fall,
But you still hang on the tree, away from them all.

Seasons change, and memory's too,
But I'll never forget.
Not a day goes by when I don't smile,
But let's try be happy, just for a while

Seasons change, and memory's too,
But you'll never forget what has become of you.
Still battling everyday, a friend told me I should stRt writing again, so I'm back
ɐnoɹ Apr 2014
One more scar..One more bad memory..

— The End —