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Jordan stenberg Dec 2012
her stare her voice so sweet

last year i remembered we talked we poured our hearts out

i was a great friend to you but all you did in the end was walk away

because i truly loved you at the time i didnt make my move when we hung out

well i moved on i said good bye to you i no longer do but those memorys made me who i am today

one day we can be friends again whenever but right now you dont want to even try so whats the point

now i walk the line of the nice guys who failed but this war does not involve you it didn't have to end with silence one day i want answers to finally to learn the ways of a crazy year gone wrong
stank man  Feb 2017
stank man Feb 2017
raggid sharp points
cutting skin and flesh
graising what you once held
soft nimble fingers, which now tightly grip my neck
life leaving my eyes as i see the passion burn in yours
heart racing
your silohette leaving distant memorys of which i wont live to remember
your hands look so much bigger in fists
but i guess it just goes to show
everything is bigger in texas
Elizabeth Lovato Nov 2015
Pictures are like windows into someone else's memory
Maybe that's why in this day in age we are obsessed with the best quality and quantity of photos because we never want to forget the best times in our life
Annie Quill  Jan 2016
Annie Quill Jan 2016
Are like the light of long gone stars
Still shining in our sky
Seen by us
Much like the story's our constellations tell
Our memory changes
Every time we remember
Minute alterations are made
Changing without heed
Of the original iteration
darren laird Mar 2010
I can't hold this in i have to let this go,
the feelin inside stays, wit me an grows an grows,
can I live with a lie .an not live the truth
do i pay with distance memorys,
the sin that was never mine to begin ,
the past were i tryed to leave it ,
but name huge past forever not lost
for R past so sweetly given ,
people like me make your life have some given an meanin ,
put thanks u won't get from me, all i can say is this ,
"******* U **** AN ****** DIE "
Mike Finney  Jan 2012
Mike Finney Jan 2012

Not a token drawn around the neck, but


Jewel upon the finger that will forever dream


Memorys branded into the very tissues; a


Made to torment the mind until the day comes


Our earthly mother calls us.


Fruits of our nature dry a bond that's


Broken by the lord himself. My cries, the


of Hades in the pounding of my death


scarabs that peel the skin away in


Treading across my soul, leaving scars


Which I may never again love.


Thorns grow in craters of damages


Has, with no way back; leave


Without the means to help and cannot


without something in return.


out will not chase me

Eric Preneveau Sep 2011
more of a rap:

I find my mind start to wonder in places it shouldn't be,
i see messed up things someone normal wouldn't see.

But what can you expect living in a broken home?
You know something wrong when you feel safer alone.

I feel like one day i'll walk in to see bodys all over the floor,
i'll have a gun in my hand covered in blood, guts and gore.

But i won't know what happened,
won't know that it was me.

i'd call the cops,
thinking someone else is guilty.

My mind starts twitchen,
memorys glitchen.

Feelin need to ****,
because im enjoying the thrill.

i know it's bad, but it satisfies my needs,
i'm just hopin that the cops don't have any leads.

i grew up a victim of paranoia and depression,
now im standing tall making all my confessions.

This song ain't a rhyme it's a warning,
because im gonna be a killer by the morning.
fate is a cruel mistress
whose icy hand churns our stomachs
and poisons our minds at the flick of a finger
and whisper words of sadness and of dark memorys
that blacken the brightest lights
and in a language only she knows
she speaks,
an untimely end for us all
Madeysin Apr 2015
It's been a long time naturally,
That'll I'll cry myself to sleep,
Exhaust the brain until thinking isn't able,
Wash your cheeks dry with the memorys,
Pain doesn't go away Exspecially on cloudy,
This void radiates out of my chest,
You filled it so well...
Collate the broken shells of life...
I hate being human.
I hate cats, like why
Elizabeth Jan 2019
And I felt like running, running so far I lost sight of everyone in my life or soon to be. I couldn’t find anywhere to go, every place so full of memories, every place so full of the depression lingering in my life in moments where I should have been happy or something along those lines. I never knew a happiness where I didn’t feel a sadness along with it too. I sat on the roof only pondering what it meant to be alive. I was told there was a difference between living and being alive but does living mean sunsets and cherry trees? Or happiness on clouds of sunshine? I didn’t know. I didn’t know what it meant to want to get out of bed every morning or ride bicycles through summers filled with faint memorys of people no longer in my life. I wanted to live but I didn’t want to be alive...
What is living?
Kimmy-Nichole Aug 2010
experience one moment that can create the ver forgetables
begin the memorys that escape the ordinary and outstep the extrodinary
soak it all in
In hopes to never feel it again
make it matter for the morning isnt neccesarily near

— The End —