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J L James Dec 2018
Seeking shelter:
From the cold of loneliness,
From the rain of tears,
From the heat of temper,
From the frost of fear.

When you find that shelter -
Make it home.
J L James Nov 2018
If  I love you
would you love me back,
or would you conspire to
put out my fire?
J L James Nov 2018
Social Media chops like a cleaver.
A truth optional blade comes down
to deliver clean edge fodder
for others too pick and ****
like carrion gleaners.
A broadside to crush after
the initial hack.
Hold the handle with great care,
and far away from you.
Too heavy to wave about
like a fencer's foil.
Its damage is ugly and
spreads like the spurt
from a jugular.
Social media chops
like an unforgiving cleaver.
Remembering the innocents who have been damaged, bullied and shamed on social media.  Knowing with such power comes great responsibility.
  Nov 2018 J L James
Edmund black
clear moment
of trance
missed step
perfect dance
missed shot
fleeting life
Hearts will stop beating
But love will never die
Thank You my dear friends for all the love and your support , I am all gratitude... I’ll be back soon..... stay blessed!
J L James Nov 2018
are like fire,
they can execute
or inspire,
cooked on a plate,
filled with hate.
Running like lava
varicose veins,
embers smolder
ready to ignite,
or extinguish the
Exploring the power of memories.
J L James Nov 2018
In the dark streets of
unhappy endings,
where needles numb the
pain in a dying vein.
The missing and the lost
light the skies
as colours flash and dance,
waving their goodbyes.

Oh, come "AGAPE LOVE"
Take me on the wings in flight
On the magic fairy dreams of life
Through the skies - away, away...
Far off from this maddening LIFE

Though I did carry a smile on my face
But throughout my life - within me
I was filled with sorrows and pain
Till the day I met you & LOVE happened
I was blessed with ultimate happiness
The life could ever bestow on a LOVER

YOU made me your AGAPE LOVER
Now, for your sake now
I can drink poison a thousand times and
I can sacrifice for YOU a thousand lives

You are the illumination of my eyes
Through YOU I see the world around me

Now it is absolutely true
That through my AGAPE LOVE
I try my best to
Give YOU happiness and joys
I will never ever leave Praying for YOU

Just understand and realize dear...
Where can I ever GO leaving YOU now?

If you are not existing here and now
I won't be alive anymore...
I won't be able to breathe
Because my heart beats only YOU

Now tell me...
That you understand my
And please promise me
YOU will never leave
And go away from me...

Oh, come "AGAPE LOVE"
YOU have already taken me
On the wings in flight
On the magic fairy dreams of life
Through the skies - away, away...
Far off from this maddening LIFE
Living within the SOUL of my BELOVEDz

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