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Jonathan Nouse Apr 2018
Hes got the car.
Hes got the bike.
He can give you every little thing
That you love to think you like.

But theres something he can't give
Something I'll forever provide
Can he grant you true happiness?
Cause thats a thing I have supplied.

The smile on your face
Is nothing more than a mask.
To hide your sadness within
And its more than an easy task.

He can provide you a house
But never provide a home.
It will make your heart heavy.
And make your heart roam.

Can you find yourself happy
Knowing the honest truth?
That youll be forever truly sad
Without someone to grant you youth.

They say home is where the heart is
And i bet youre feeling homeless
Because the roof you live under
Is making you feel heartless.

But thats okay.
Im homeless too
Because my heart desires one thing
And that one thing
is You.
Honest truth about my situation
WeFeelFine Feb 2018
Perhaps my expectations for you
are impossible.
Perhaps you are blind to the desire
in my eye.
Maybe you are deaf to the disappointment
in my sigh.
Maybe your budget isn't
so suasible.

If you would read my body,
Look into my mind,
We would be great
And all would be fine.
Though it probably should be,
It just isn't enough
To say that you're mine,
I need material stuff.

Roses of red,
I prefer blue.

And the finest of chocolate,
A large teddy bear, too.

Shower me with the money you've spent,
It's not a big deal,
Only a present.

I promise not to be greedy,
Or selfish,
Or stale.

I won't raise my expectations even further on the scale.

But you must keep me happy,
Satisfied in every way.
You can't do that for me?

Well what else can I say...

I promise I loved you,
In good times and bad.
And I will always reminisce
The times that we've had.

Oh, I will miss you.
I promise, I will.
But your wallet has emptied.
And my love has gone still.
Valentines Day with a Gold Digger.
Nylee Feb 2018
If you call tomorrow
The day of love
Its okay to forget
  there is love
all the other days
Because no one celebrates
those remaining days
  as commercial and material as
one-two does tomorrow.
andydaly Jul 2017
What will I see,
When I turn to a ghost.

Things with no price tag,
Are worth the most.

A night sat under the sky,
No paper could ever buy.

In the mountains from tree to tree.
For fortune, not will I plea.

I'll keep my wealth in me,
In nature I'll ever be.
Written by Andrew Daly ©
Hannah May 2017
Globally, the number one killer of children is diarrhea.
Usually, this can be prevented by drugs that cost fifty cents.
But I needed that new car,
I deserve designer jeans,
I have to look good this season,
Because life means nothing compared to things.
Mr Trismegistus Dec 2016
I asked the man of the Light
How the dead do tread;
He looked at me with empathy,
And this is what he said:

Earth’s little offspring,
Back to earth they ran;
But of that born in heaven,
*To heaven returns again.
-credit to Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations for the italicized words
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