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Styles  Aug 2016
Styles Aug 2016

Her passion burns bright
her fire catches me
igniting my soul
aroused by lust violently
her flames engulfing me
consuming my mind
body held in captivity
submitting mentally
enchanted by her majesty

Styles  Dec 2016
Styles Dec 2016

i don't even know it
cause I try not to show it
but you dealing with lover slash poet
start speaking in tongues and you wont even know it
then your body start reacting, to what I am saying like i own it
your actions speaking louder than words your body show it
I got what you need
cause I'm the main component
you thirsty, then lets feed
our lust is potnent

Haunter Jul 2012


got you
all tied up

Once more.

To her
heart breaking

Witch, she possesses.
to play the pawn
in her pussy's game.

Like a champ.

But will you really be winning?

When you find all-o-those,
dirty little secrets.

She has hidden in her black-lace-panties.

Brenna Martin  Oct 2014
Brenna Martin Oct 2014

by definition,
lust is
extreme sexual desire for someone

by nature,
lust is
I'm attracted to my thirty-seven year old male teacher
and my eighteen year old male coworker
and the quirky girl who sits behind me in history,

by religion,
lust is
a sin, punishable by Hell,
whatever that is.

lust is unavoidable,
but socially unacceptable to act upon.

I know this sucks I'm really tired
Haunter  Jul 2012
The Fuck Poem.
Haunter Jul 2012

Fuck this,
fuck that,
fuck you
and every fucking lie.

That slid through your
crooked/cracked teeth.

My fists,
consumed with an
angry adrenaline.

Knock out em' out.
You're going to need
an oral surgeon.
Next line you drop.
And Pow.

Talk shit,
get hit.
No, get electrocuted.

Sweet lust hold me so pure
Nothing can tempt me from what I desire
The aching need of everyday's light
For lust I am

Kerdell  Mar 2015
Kerdell Mar 2015

Lust or lost in the idea of wanting something I don't need... I can't breathe without it...I greed..  I crave.... Hmmm... Lust.....I squeeze so hard ..dust..it turns.. I yearn to have it.... Want but don't need.... share never.. A hot cold sweat.. Maybe a fever. Lust.....it's changing me...Help

Styles  Oct 2016
Styles Oct 2016

I want to climb inside your body
move around in your skin
grasp and kiss your body
sending shivers deeper than within
two bodies joined in unison
penetrating heat
melt us from the outside in
sensual movements
you finish twice, before I even begin

Styles  Sep 2016
Styles Sep 2016

Text me your words
let them flash across my screen
picture them I may
imagining what they mean
wishful thinking coming true
is yet to be seen
the thoughts implied
paint a beautiful scene
these letters make you smile
in person they would make you scream
all these teasing you doing now may be funny
but, when karma comes around it will be in the from of me

Shin  May 2014
Shin May 2014

Let's make a deal
that the smoke scented
taste of your tongue
will never leave mine.

Melody Ryan  Jun 2014
Melody Ryan Jun 2014

you are a summer night

the way you keep me up

so hot the sheets stick to me

i have to open the windows,

take off all my clothes

morning comes and i still

feel you on my skin

you keep me up
up for lust
or hunger for indearment
all though the night
i keep my eyes shut
to dream up
what i thouhjt was love
was just dream

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