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CloudedVision Jan 2023
Life is filled with suffering
All this pain and sorrow

All this hurt
Endless despair
Will I see tomorrow?

Everything's dark
No light to be seen
Blood is all around

Long nights
Dreamless sleep
With only one soft sound

The sound of tears
A sniffling nose
Blue lifeless eyes

All you held
All you loved
Forever out of reach

Lost in darkness
A deep abyss
Misery, disbelief

In this life of suffering
All this pain and sorrow
How can we ever find the hope
To seek and gain tomorrow?
CloudedVision Aug 2022
Two cities
Side by side
A flowing river
The only divide

To cross this river
This steady stream
They build a bridge
A golden gleam

It reflects the sun
It sparkles the river
Along with the moon
The small light sliver

They make it glow
So great and grand
Watch waters flow
Past shores of sand

This bridge is build
Yet gold is weak
A precious metal
We often seek

For it is shaped by hands
That don't need tools
Emotional molds
Our feelings in jewels

For we mold the gold
Into what we want
Our desires reflected
Our hearts, we flaunt

We wanted a bridge
To unite the cities
To travel across
To ship wine and cheese

To trade goods and Information
Experience and memory

Our hearts transportation
And our personality

But the golden bridge
Can't take the weight
Of all these goods
Across the straight

And slowly we see
That piece by piece
The bridge fades
And the trades cease

The bridge sinks down
For gold can not bear
The weight of our hearts
And the love that we share

Curse the emotion
That molded the gold
Time has tarnished the work
And our bridge becomes old

Its color fades
It's strength fails
And into the river
Downstream it sails

The trade falls in
The good cease to flow
The sun no longer
Makes the water glow

It all fades away
The cities grow distant
And everything is lost
The downfall is instant

We doomed ourselves
From the very start
We built a bridge
Made to fall apart

Our emotions that founded
A great experience together
Would cause us to separate
Now distant, forever
CloudedVision Apr 2021
Mystery surrounds
We can not tell
We know not
How we fell

I am cursed to walk
Among those down low
Where people pass
And time is slow

Where leaves turn brown
Where rivers freeze
Where the sky turns dark
And you can feel the breeze

This foreign place
I do not know
I want the truth
That will never show

I want to be told the secret
To this foreign land
But I fear I lost the bet
Question is, at who's hand?
Inspired by Gnosticism
CloudedVision Apr 2021
You walk, you drive,
You live your life
And yet you feel
So much strife

You're filled with anger,
Sorrow, and tears
You've been this way
For many years

And with each year
A new tear comes
A new face flees
A person runs

For no one sees
Your pain within
Their eyes are blind
Brains in a spin

They are there
No words to share
No life to live
No breathe to give

Questions unanswered
Messages left
Moods unchecked
Intentions neglect

The reason behind
Is silence ahead
No fulfilled request
Loneliness and dread
CloudedVision Mar 2021
In the lot
The sky is dark
But everything is lit

I can see
The passing cars
But not the passing stars

I can feel the cool cold dark
But also I feel the light

The light of Christ
Shining in me
Shining to show me the way

But the light
I'm about to see
Isn't mine

But its a gift so divine
To see the work others do
To be apart of their work

I see cross after cross
Painted on the lot
I see light among the dark

I moved myself inside the lines
That is where I park

As I step out I see a world
More beautiful than ever
One bounding for joy
Abundant in life
And bright as ever

Amidst the cruel chaos
Happening around
Here is a sphere of hope

An aura of safety
A place of worship
All inside a church
What blessings will come next?
CloudedVision Oct 2020
You invest time
Money, and mind
Soul and heart

But in the end
All you see
Is love broke apart

You try your hardest
You give your all
But it never will safice

So why try
Why push ahead
When every step
Is a sacrifice

You do everything
With perfection
Trying hard not to offend

You do so great
Perfection really
Then you fall off
the deepest end

Your mind goes dark
Your thoughts become fear
And never do you mend

Your unconscious thoughts
Your fear of loneliness
Have now appeared

Be her friend
Let her grow close
The demons all sneered

But then those demons
They have won
They applauded and cheered

You've been left

A powerful light
A beacon of hope
That had once shone

Now dead in the tower
Hides above
Never to walk bellow

You have tried
You gave your all
But even perfection
Is only third best

Is this a test?
To try my worth?
To check where my faith lies?

If so why have You left?
The temple gone
The millenium far
Unhearing to their cries
CloudedVision Sep 2020
Time with you
Walks and talks
Drives and shops
Never is a waste

I cherish the minute
The moment
The hour
It passes by
In haste

Never does it feel
Like it lasted long enough
Always passes by too fast
But it's joy
Will always last
You make me happy

Time with you
My favorite thing
I get to know you more

Talking with you
My favorite words
I wonder if you snore?

Walking with you
My favorite steps
Along the rivers shore

Sitting with you
My favorite rests
My heart wants to soar

Eating with you
My favorite sight
Food never is a chore

Dates with you
My favorite nights
Endless fun, smiles galore.

At these times
Time spent with you
My happiness shoots high

My mind awakes
My heart is alive
I feel at peace inside

But pursuing you
Is my favorite call
For it is with you
I can overcome all
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