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LuciaManifesto Dec 2018
Poetry is stupid.
And literature *****.
Nothing I write ever feels as though I tell you
Anything true,
Fraudulent living.

My pen spills its ink
But never empties me.
Head still pounding, swirling
Swimming in black waters.

You all tell me words will set me free,
Yet I know now you were mocking me,
To read my agony
In my own blood must be a pleasure to you.
Do you see yourself in me?
I can’t connect
You’re out of reach to me, reader-
Hands grasping at air.

Writers are perverse.
Big sepulchres by the zealots cathedral;
Scribed all over, the living kneel outside in praise,
But the writer sees itself for what it is;
A tomb filled with nothing but death and decay.

Poetry is dumb.
The burden of feelings
Circle around the sink
But never drain.
So I will have to write again,
Hostage to language.
I’m back and bitter as ever ; )
Kam Nov 2018
How often I’ve heard,
there’s no wealth to be made from words.
Just ink that burns,
pages that rip.
But enrichment of lives takes place,
profiting from human experience, and
Allow abundance in emotion

The beehives of my mind rattle.
Creating words, slowly,
their honeycombs of poetry.
I am as genuine as these stanzas claim.
Trying authenticity, keeping the first jar beside all I’ve concealed.
Words re-colonize all the time,
shaping themselves to make a home,
in the heart & mind.
Because words are incredibly  sweet and poetry is sweetest.
Lyn-Purcell Oct 2018
Whether it is poetry
or even prose,
the orchestra of words
differ musically
In sound
In space
And even in rhythm
But never in meaning
Never in sweetness
The music of words has a myriad of meanings. I fall in love with words over and over again.
My body is feeling rather weak but I'm gonna try and write some of the Masked Bard. Its not as bad as yesterday, thankfully.
Again, everyone, thank you very much for your out-pour of kindness.
Truly, I'm humbled and touched. I know I may sound like a broken record but I just want you guys to know how much it means to me.
It's really helping me feel better.
Hugs and love to you all! ^^
Lyn ***
Andreas Peter Jun 2018
And I'll wade through endless clichés
to find a single exquisite syllable
in a still inferior word
to describe her
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Fellow logophiles,
let us grab the silk and stitch
the words.

For we have that power
to move the Heaven and
Words are beautiful by nature, by creation.
It's how we use that can add beauty of ugliness to this world.

Short poem, but honest.
Be back soon!
Lyn x
Nikki Gryphon Jan 2015
I am a logophile. A lover of words.
I love words. Language. The way sentences can be constructed and broken down. How you can persuade, intimidate, bribe, barter, bully, influence, tempt, and so on. I love poetry. Slang. Lyrics. Quotes. Phrases. I love the pronunciation of words. The way we can read between the lines. How we can distinguish "Okay" from "ok." from "Kay:)" from "k.". How some words can send shivers down your spine, be it from how they're worded to how they're spoken to who spoke them to what meaning it holds. I love the quiver of the lip when someone says something that hurts. The stammer, the raw emotion, the shake in their voice, the tears that swell up in their eyes.

And I love words even more
when they come from your mouth.

— The End —