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  Mar 2015 Nikki Gryphon
i used to think
that words
are the easiest to deliver

i could say i love you
without even knowing why
i could say the truth
without even thinking if it really is

now all of it is as difficult
as I was to believe in fairy tale
now all i could think about
is how will i ever say those words
   without affecting the world
   without hurting someone
   without doubting myself

I remained silent
and those words i wanted to say
left unspoken- shallow

i used to think
that words
are the easiest to deliver
now they're far beyond my reach
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  Mar 2015 Nikki Gryphon
I'm not in love with you.
I never was.

I was in love with the ghost
Of who you were in the beginning

I was in love with the idea
Of what we could have had

I was in love with the thought
Of who I wanted you to become

But now
I'm not

I'm in love with the fact that
I'll never be in love with you
  Feb 2015 Nikki Gryphon
"I'm supposed to be in love
But I'm numb again"
  Feb 2015 Nikki Gryphon
When we were good
                   We were wonderful
When we were ok
                   We were invincible
But when we were broken
                   We were shattered..
  Jan 2015 Nikki Gryphon
nik stoppable
do me a favor and be sure to tell her that i was the first person who took your breath away and the only one who reminded you how to breathe also might as well tell her that you still love me and you keep my heart in your jacket pocket near your cigarettes because you still aren't sure which one you you're addicted to.
august 29th // 3:47 am
Nikki Gryphon Jan 2015
I grew up and still live in the "Blackest state in America".
I live simply two counties shy of the "Blackest county in America".
I did not see color until just recently, and I'll tell you why.
If a white cisgendered person opens up their Tumblr, Tumblr will tell them "goodbye".
If you go to Button Poetry and watch any African American's poem, they will tell you that the white person is dangerous.
Stay away from us.
These words.. they sadden me..
I did not see color until recently.
My best friend is a lesbian, I've dated a black man.
But no, all white people are the same, stay away from as many as you can!
I've asked my friend, Lexie, (her mom is black, her dad is white)
I've asked her what her opinion was on this fight.
Her eyes swelled with tears, she simply can't understand
Why some choose to like or dislike people for whether they are light or dark skinned.
And this is why Pocahontas is my favorite Disney princess.
She teaches everyone can love anyone, race and color are pointless.
I have asked the grinning bobcat why he grins.
It's because I have learned to paint with all the colors of the wind.
Maybe it's your turn to learn to do it, too.
And that's the only way you can find this war to end, I promise you.
I did not see color until just recently.
And now I wish I could go back and learn how to unsee
all the crap that this newfound vision has caused me.
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