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soul Oct 2018
The time stops
Rearranging memories
Some good and some bad
Kisses of future makes them last
Good one just touched the empty rood
Bad lost the journey on its way home
A day well spent
It whispers again
But ,
Again mind interrupt
You just forget the empty lanes
The one waiting to be walked on
Missed steps ,
Cart wheeled there
Head upside down
World looks brand new
The dawn appears
Sun hollers
Cheering for the day
Journey still goes on
The moments joined
Beautifully ended voyage
Other pals
Weeps the most at last,
On the death bed
Where the Soul rejuvenates
celebrating the life
That remarked its specificity
When you realize life is too short to remember past
Praggya Joshi Aug 2018
I dance with the
Ethereal shadows
Of sublime melancholy
Under the violet skies
On some nights
They take my hand
And spin me around
Round and round
Till my breath comes out
In deep sighs
And i can no longer breathe
The scented breeze
That makes
The leaves sing
A hauntingly beautiful song
So with a weary heart
And a drowsy mind
I sink into the void
Of a languid sleep
With a hope tucked
Somewhere in my crevices
That the elysian world
Of dreams that'll greet me
Will replenish my
departed energy
And my bones
wont feel so empty
As dawn unfolds
Before me
Aishwarya Ezhava Aug 2018
Every now and again
I am not with others.
I consider it as a gain
without thinking further.

But deep inside
I am not contented at all,
I too want some ones aside
A Friend or Comrade to call.

Being drown in loneliness,
For me, it's not new.
But it's a kind of sadness
knowing what's true.
The ability is there
Always believe that you can do it
Go forward and do good things
Make yourself legitimate
Broaden your horizons
Be on the path to greatness
Challenge yourself on a daily basis
You can be a success
Dr zik Apr 2015
A seed which was sowed in fertile land
Remains in the dark to some extent
And suitable environment makes it, "grow"
With great determination, water makes it, “glow”
And it declares one day, “The land is alive”
As the seed was alive
Alive one can prove the others' life
A dead one is not able to enlighten the souls
If you are alive
Prove it with smile
and your transparent inner sight
would be able to merge the light
at a concentric point of hearts of deserving ones
As an eternal light emitting heart can enlighten the soul
As it’s the heart which makes you dead or alive
So life is reflected by deeds not by pulse
And it’s no use of
Whether the blood runs through the arteries or not
Whether you take exercise or not
Whether you are wealthy or healthy
Life is something else
Life is something else
What makes an eye, seed can not try
What makes an eye, seed can not try

— The End —