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Mahdiya Patel May 2016
You **** with the balance of chemicals in my brain

You control the pace of which my blood flows in my arteries

You possess my body without being physically present
Madison Y Sep 2015
They told me to open up,

So I ripped my heart out

and sewed it to my sleeve
Only to be told that

it was ugly.

I rearranged the valves and the arteries;

Changed its beat,

Until someone told me it was beautiful 
and stole it from me.

I searched for years at every street corner,

In every alley way and 
‘I love you,’

But I couldn’t recognize it. 

I met a man

Prepared to exchange my heart for his,
 but I had none to give.

I stumbled across it one day,
 alone and sitting in a gutter.

It was bare, cheated, broken—

It felt right at home.
Esther Apr 2015
The light bulbs burst when you walked in,

And the sparks ignited my skin.

The fire was still burning long after you were gone,

Until I was charred to the bone.

I recall how you clawed at the meat,

Right above where my heart beat.

Your red eyes glowed in glee,

Until I could no longer see,

Blinded by the one thing

That I thought only you could bring.

Then I heard the snipping,

As you cut the strings

And began humming to my screams.

A harmony of two extremes.

When the flood lights shone through,

There was no more you;

Only a permanent deformity

And ripped arteries.
one of the first poems I ever wrote about 2 years ago
Dr Zik Apr 2015
A seed which was sowed in fertile land
Remains in the dark to some extent
And suitable environment makes it, "grow"
With great determination, water makes it, “glow”
And it declares one day, “The land is alive”
As the seed was alive
Alive one can prove the others' life
A dead one is not able to enlighten the souls
If you are alive
Prove it with smile
and your transparent inner sight
would be able to merge the light
at a concentric point of hearts of deserving ones
As an eternal light emitting heart can enlighten the soul
As it’s the heart which makes you dead or alive
So life is reflected by deeds not by pulse
And it’s no use of
Whether the blood runs through the arteries or not
Whether you take exercise or not
Whether you are wealthy or healthy
Life is something else
Life is something else
What makes an eye, seed can not try
What makes an eye, seed can not try
Third Legacy Jan 2015
In torturings and pains,
all arteries and veins

You stole my heart.
Why couldn't you have just
taken every vessel
with You too?
aetherx May 2014
I'd be the blood pumping through the red network of your veins.

I'm de-oxygenated
I'm not the 02 (for you) that you think I am;
that is why I vanished from your arteries

I tried not going for your heart
but this is the flux;
the plethora
with emanating tidal waves that I could not counter-attack

— The End —