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Jeremy Lately
Atlantis    INTP I like Makoto Shinkai films. Mint and Periwinkle are my favorite colors. I am a Sega Dreamcast loyalist. I think Pear, Lime, Pineapple, and ...


Zach Lubline  Aug 2016
Zach Lubline Aug 2016
People have seemed so dull, lately.
My life not feeling quite full, lately.
Lonely, but surrounded by friends, lately.
Listening to your favorite songs again, lately.
It's been cold, then really hot, lately.
I've been missing you a lot, lately.

I've been remembering my dreams, lately.
Contemplating what that means, lately.
Wanting to visit you at school, lately.
Been feeling kind of like a fool, lately.
I feel like I've hit a wall, lately.
Wishing I could just call, lately.

I've been drinking like you did, lately.
Avoiding more than I'd like to admit, lately.
There's a piece missing in my life, lately.
No one seems to fit just right, lately.
Busy, you shouldn't be on my mind, lately.
But you're the only happiness I find, lately.
I wish I could lie next to you again, lately.
I wish I had been a better friend, lately.
For Maple
Willard Wells  May 2015
Willard Wells May 2015
Rain tease us lately
         Baking earth lately.

Lakes are low lately
         Rivers are low lately

Trees die lately
          Grass dies lately

Prices up lately
           Money down lately

Suffering up lately
            Happiness down lately

Prayers up lately
              Attendance down lately

                               Looking at life lately

                                                               Sad lately
Drought of California