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SoZaka Apr 2018
love me because i'm different
rough on the outside yet sweet underneath
peel back my layers, enjoy fruits of discovery
  learn with me, grow with me
little kiwi tree
If everybody's a peach she's a different kind of fruit
I feel, to add to the thrill
of a blockbuster thriller, new gory slasher,
they should offer kiwis at the doors.

The concentration it takes to eat a kiwi
in the dark is not for the faint hearted.

Ultimately you have the risk of being
stuck with a funny fuzzy tongue feeling
which will put you right off your popcorn.
2nd of April 2016

I wrote this when I was trying to write a poem for every day of April in 2016 (spolier alert: never ended up writing a poem each day in the end, only the first week or so)
Sienna Luna Feb 2017
It's a wonderment
to witness
deep green irises
with spots of amber gold
near the center.
It's cute to watch you
watch me
from across the room
with red curtains
and metal chairs
your leg twitching
your foot shaking.
It's a fine frenzy
to feel your fingertips
rustle my hair
as I hug you close.
It's playful to find
your smile and mouth lines
stretched out wide
as I flick back to bright sunlight
illuminating your eyes

still green
kiwi green

and it's nice
to see you again.
It's a wonderment
to witness
your presence
like a shadow
in my peripheral vision
but when our eyes catch

they snap together like velcro

for a few elongated seconds

and it's a quiet kind of bliss

that makes my toes tingle slightly

out into the infinite arrival.
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
There's a black cat

walking flat,

his back feet

dipped in

marshmallow droppings.

His tail flicks

like a reed in the swamp,

and he can't

help but run through legs


hopping on furniture


belly all soft and white.

Silent is he,

catching the almost-full moon

in his bright whiskers.

Padded paws,

a black tail snaking

twitching as he

squeezes to rest

in tight spaces

wide eyes as green as

a kiwi fruit

with the seeds cut out.

He bats his toy freely,

ears up then

hears a rustle

at the screen door

and sits


but only

for a moment.

— The End —