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Those times with you were fun, they are memorable. But now you stand there and you watch me as you kiss some guy trying to make me jealous, always standing in the way. But guess what, I. DON'T. CARE. your a ***, i ask for a day away from you and you turn to another dude, so this is my message to you, i don't care for you anymore, never talk to me again, or ill have to block you again
welp, this is a message and i don't care
good times bring weak men
weak men bring bad times
Bad times make strong men
strongmen make good times

Is it a good time or a bad time for you. Lets figure this out
When the days roll by you think nothing of it
But in reality every second you use is one you'll never get back
Most look at it as in its only a second but there's ONLY 3600 seconds in an hour.
and there's ONLY 86400 seconds in the time of 24 hours

Guess a times tickin
One day there wont be a clock
When you smile just think of the miles.
Not the miles you look on to
but the miles you are done through.
The miles that may come with the power of that smile
The smile may travel to other lanes in the race of time.
It may just others smile which will go on.
So together you can move on

We all have those voices, the people inside your head.
All you can hear is them even when you go to bed.
When they talk some say just don't quit.
While others say others say you can't do it.

These voice strike when you don't need them.
When you can see the gem.
Right outta your reach.
But they'll just use a leech.

They get on you when you need to do good.
And all they'll do is ht you with some plywood.
The try to break you and burn you
They'll try to use your feelings in a stew.

But if you don't acknowledge and you push.
You'll make them all want to hide in a bush.
For if you can say no more outta you all.
They will look at you appalled
Man, people let stuff in their head so much they don't believe in themselves or they don't try anymore.
i only say this because we dont know, for all i know my neighbor could **** me, or my friend hit by a car. You never know what'll happen so lets have fun till we make hell give up and tell us to go to heaven
**** hell and **** boring days
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