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You pretend to be happy even when your sad inside and I fall for it
Act like you don't need my company & yet you do
Blame me even when nothing is wrong & I say sorry
I believe whatever you say even when I know it isn't true
It's like you cast a spell that addled me when with you
Maybe I'm desperate
Maybe I'm sheepishly falling for you even when your flaws are more sinister than the devil's own
Unconditional love orchestrated by all means your irresistible
Give me reasons to believe this is genuine love and not an infatuation.
Rohit Mane Jun 2018
Enclosed in a room when I saw her for the first time,
With the beige attire that made her glow in the light,
Her face so pretty, and her hair so sleek,
But her smile was the thing that made my day complete…

The aura that surrounded her was so peculiar,
The glee in her eyes conveyed that no sadness can come near,
Her petite stature seemed like a sculpture made with utmost care,
Even the sculptor, I guess, couldn’t help but marvel at the wonder he made…

As she manifested in front of me our eyes met at first,
I couldn’t help but notice her lips with that supple curve,
Never was I so conscious about the way my heart beats,
Never did I know my mind had the ability to stop thinking in the moment of need…

Her dainty hands moved swiftly across the foosball table,
The warmth of her presence perfectly complemented the weather,
The cheerfulness of hers felt like a bliss to be a part of,
Her leap of excitement exhibited the sweetness she was made of…

As the game progressed the score-line moved up and down,
And though I was losing the game, for the first time I didn’t frown,
Maybe her body across the table was the reason behind my calmness,
The game ended up with me winning but somewhy my heart muttered, “**** it.”

She hung her bag over her shoulders and began walking away,
For some reason I wished the time would freeze and make her stay,
But she turned that moment upside down, like she heard my heart’s cry,
As she turned her beautiful eyes on me and muttered a soft, “bye.”
Samm Marie Moore Nov 2016
I thought someone like you
Could never like someone like me
So I didn't want to cave in
Didn't want to feel anything for you
But then you outstretched your hand
So I placed mine there
I didn't think you'd be weaving our fingers together
I thought coloring was just
A normal day in the neighborhood
"I want this one"
You leaned over my paper,
Pointing at that zing sag scarf
"To be red and green,
Like Christmas"
I didn't realize our chairs were touching
I thought it was an accident
That our thighs were together too
I thought an invitation to
Church was an act of discipling
And that you wouldn't be too
Bummed if I couldn't make it today
I thought someone like you
Could never like someone like me
But hey,
I guess I thought wrong
There is a stone cage
Built slowly, over years
Broken down again and again
Foul hands digging into its carcass
Rending, tearing, destroying
To get at the sweet nectar of my soul
Blood dripping from hands
I love you i'm sorry I love you
Walls laced with iron and steel
Less malleable, less breakable
Build and build and build
He says he wouldn't hurt me
Such savagery is beyond him
But I know his type
The ones with the blue eyes
And the soft lips and the warm hands
Inside they're cold cold cold
Getting close enough to kiss
Before the torture starts
My walls will not be molded
For him to climb over and into me
I'll bleed him first if it means
He is too tired to hold me
**for i will never be harmed again
Sourodeep Jul 2015
We all wait
for that one moment
to take the bait
jump to a conclusion
from this sweetness around
and suddenly all
seems to fall in place,
among all this chaos
from tangled knots of your shoe-lace
to your mind and it's bias.
You feel now you can think straight
though not sure of the path ahead.
All pragmatism goes down the drain
and my dear, we fall in love again.
To love at first sight ! :)

— The End —