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the tree that was once there
is no longer
the bond i have with others
has not grown stronger
things change quicker than i can blink
and my least favorite hobby is to think
i wonder if i'll ever get over
those no longer
just like the tree
that was once there
my heart is heavier than it’s ever been
i’m wondering if healing will ever began
i go back and forth, up and down
and i’m wondering if i’ll ever come around
i try to live on
take pictures of the sky
but truth be told i loved him
and no one but me will know why
when will be the right time to say
“i know who i am”
and mean it?
in the end
what will i fear most,
being hurt?
or never being truly understood
when will my heart stop beating
in all the wrong directions?
i say i hate myself
but honestly
there’s no one i’d rather be
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