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Paola Verduzco Sep 2019
Why was it so easy.?
To fall in love with you
To give myself up to you
To give you everything
I gave you almost it all
The little I had
What I’ve had to offer
To others... it may not be much
But, to me, I gave you my world
My insight in life
My belief
And my heart
Now,  since it was so easy
How easily will you take care of me ?
Handle me with care
It was so easy for me to love you
Although you are not weary at all
Easy is the way my heart can be carried
A burden
But not too much to handle
Is it because I am still nothing?
I am nothing compared to you.
But as easy as it was,
I will do all in my will...
To be easy to love.
Just by you.
To you I belong. To the love of my life. ~H
Paola Verduzco Sep 2019
What was her name?
Did it start with an M?
The girl before me.
Or the name of the girl you gave yourself to?
What’s her name?
Maybe I don’t want to remember.?
Something I’d like to erase
I wish it was me...
But that’s not how it works
Was it easy though?
To be with her
Then another
Tell me
Tell me more
Torture me
But not for long
It’ll disappear by morning
I won’t remember
I’d probably want to
Forget it
Either way...
To the man I gave myself completely...
Paola Verduzco Mar 2019
Every meal is hard to swallow
With you present at the table
My stomach rumbles
Yes, in pain
The swifty of my ways
I absolutely hate eating with you
Yearn to I do, retch
The unpleasant time
In which should be my fathers
You take his place at the table
But never, will you EVER have a place in my heart
Ruined it you have for yourself
Many not once a time
including grandmother, has she despised you.
I’m sorry to say. But it is what it is.
Paola Verduzco Jan 2019
You are for me
In times like these
I cry
In distress
I press
Myself against you
In time like these
I long for your warmth
The ache in my empty pain
Comfort seeking
For your love
And your care
Your attentiveness towards me
In times like these, I need you ..
Paola Verduzco Jan 2019
I cover up and hide
Under my sleeves
In between my thighs
Under my jeans
You make me sad
I call this line a coward
And this one “you’re easy”
You’ve named my lines
You know them, know them not
After all
They are your lines
I hate that I’ve run back to such a horrible method of coping. Thanks to you M
Paola Verduzco Jan 2019
Oh wow
His arms
Holding me
His arms are
When he holds
When he holds me
Oh how I feel safe, Next
Next to you I am so happy
But when you hold me, oh
My troubles all go away
In your arms I belong
I know that now
One of my absolute favorite places to be is wrapped in his arms, its such a beautiful heart warming feeling. I love you Hugo
Paola Verduzco Jan 2019
I feel my mind weep
My heart down so deep
Torn piece by piece
Im not able to breathe
Shut in box
So tiny
Claustrophobic much
Suffocating me
With this pain
So hard to eat
But the breakthrough has changed me so much I must stay strong
For my family
My relationship
And prove everyone wrong
I’ve grown from so much that life has brought upon me..
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