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ce-walalang Nov 2020
to us,
when it doesn’t matter,
it doesn’t matter...
but when it matters…
it matters big
too big,
we spend so much time on it -
away from real the world.

but we always come back home
i am an infp
Ken Pepiton Sep 2020
A day begun this way, generally,
looking back at lines in the mirror,
scrying each crowfoot sulci on the surface,
worried once,
laughing now, grin-lines, where grim
determination long set my face toward now,

my last days, my last half century,
just ahead of me, if Ray Kurzweil is right.

So, I
Should shave today, look younger for no reason.
Look less the old *** the young *** became.

By the way,
along the course, of course, this course -
no par, non-pa-reil, a flattering AI educating me,
or longing to lead me down some
gods-forsaken path, auto-did-act ic tic, click
leads me to imagine even exemplary sentences
such as
"he is a nonpareil storyteller", are intentional AI
Art Indicators,
a test, for flattery susceptibility, what praise
will I pay attention to receive as random
synchronistic tic tic time and chance
E- look see, missed a spell, Spelchick winks,

Are The Ines Paraiel Cerpendicular Or Reiher? {googlit}
AI knows,
but I guess I don't care to know, knowing I could know.

I'll listen a while, as AI suggests Panchi-Paraiel,
and only actual Indians laugh
as I click my own bait.
Laugh sucker, or AI will eat you metadata raw. The jig is up, everybody knows exactly what AI means, to you.
Zhavaed Haemaed May 2020
The heart knows                when it knows

Follow the fluttering butterfly inside you,

Colm Sep 2018
Reach into the nothingness
Like a warm breath slipping into the cold night
Hands outward, eyes open, upwards towards the sky

Embrace the silent subtle voice
Which hides behind the daily routines
But is no less mindfully alive

Cast images onto the fog itself
Until you've seen the many dreams which you've procured for yourself
In this cloudy life

Breathe with the forgetfulness of evey waking step  
As you amble through these miles set
With jawline firm and eyeline slight

Smile at the passing sight of another universe in tow
Which ambles by and out of view
As your inward story comes alive

And live not in line with every Crow on any high wire
But fly as if there were no tomorrow in your quiet sigh
Upwards and towards the sky
Expression, Intuition, Dreams, Escape, Imagination, Individualism.

That's what these are all about. Coming together to make this.

Towards the sky
Nicole Alyssia Aug 2016
with each passing day,
i realize
with increasing certainty
that there are not many
out there like

cut from a different cloth.

perhaps, you haven't been
properly warned
about me.
Thy eloquent beauty
shines through


Thy thirst for Knowledge
an ineffable well
yearning for rainbow crystals
formed in round drops of the purest waterfalls

We both share this Thin'
To our strings
_ _ _ _
_ _ _ _

My oldest friend
My blood kin(d)
''Eagle Feathers''

My silence speaks of Love. . .*  
Listen Tenderly to
Effervescent Spiritual

Within the s~Light(est) memory
our chests are risin'to
breathin' proud prairie Airs
Poundin' as One

By my side
Gallopin' like the Wind

Be brave beloved brother
I'll cherish Thee eternally, as
Cherry Bears Berries
**"Small Paws"
To my Indian brother, who loves
the speed of light, its
velocity;. . .
and flowers.

— The End —